Wednesday, November 14, 2007


ok let me bring you to my house again in case you couldnt recognise it.

this is my living room. it is now double the space, the tv is so far away i really need to wear my glasses now to watch tv. i chose the tiles.

my dad had upgraded his tv but i am too lazy to take another photo. the dark wood behind is my creative idea.

finally i have a shoe shelf taller than me.

"ta-dah", i have more shoes space then everyone in the house.

my dad decided to close the hole with a glass in case samuel and sara, the twins fall off from there.

one of the nicest product my dad ever bought.

the ceiling details are one of the nicest design of my dad.

yup close up... it is nice.

this is now the view from my room, no more sunrise.

result: everyone is happy with it this time. unlike usual how we all complain my dad waste money to make the house uglier. this time he decided to involve us in the planning. of course the outcome will be good, im a designer you know :)


deJelly said...


Sam said...

It looks awesome :)


Anonymous said...

so nice!! sorry didn't manage to stay over in the end, haha some other time!

chaiyen said...

DVDs! we need to do another series when you come back before jelly go. i will go get another bottle of bailey's. my bottle is running out :)

chaiyen said...

no worries elaine... there is always next time

Sam said...

Yup yup!

Hehe, I am only allowed to bring back a bottle. Would be whiskey definitely. You do that as well rite?

If only I could bring back the ones I have here, quite a number.


We can watch Prison Break Season 3 if you guys have not started that yet. I wont do it here if we are doing it together :)

chaiyen said...

no prob. you bring back your bottles. i will go get bailey's. yahh season 3 but it is not all out yet. isn't it??

Sam said...

Yup, still running.

But by that time, it would be coming to a close.

Its at Episode 8 at the moment :)