Saturday, November 17, 2007

getting pass today

CRISTINA: "Get out of bed, we're gonna be late."
MEREDITH: "I have a feeling."
CRISTINA: "You have a feeling?"
CRISTINA: "What kind of feeling?"
MEREDITH: "Like I might die."
CRISTINA: "Today? Tomorrow? In 50 years? We're all going to die eventually. Now we're late! Let's go!"
MEREDITH: "Oh Cristina, c'mon!"
CRISTINA: "What? I'm being supportive."
MEREDITH: "Really?"
CRISTINA: "Yeah, this is me being totally supportive. Go on."
MEREDITH: "Okay. The man I love has a wife and then he chooses her over me. Then the wife takes my dog. Well, she didn't actually take my dog. I gave it to her. But I didn't mean to give it to her, I meant to give it to him, and that doesn't change the fact that she's got Derek. And my McDog. She's got my McLife! What have I got? I can't even remember the last time we kissed. Because you never think the last time is the last time. You think you have forever, but you don't. Plus my conditioner decided to stop working and I think I have brittle bones. I need something to happen. I just need a sign. I need a reason to go on. I need some hope, and in the absence of hope, I need to stay in bed and feel like I might die today."
CRISTINA: [pauses, then drags Meredith out of bed] "Whatever. Everybody has problems. Get your ass out of bed and get to work. NOW! Move, move, move!"

i realised that we can really think ourselves happy.
1. dressed up and look good as if you are going to meet your McDreamy later.
2. give your best and do so well at work as if you are the staff of the month.
3. after work party so hard as if there is no work tomolo.

im not saying we can deny that we have problem and pretend it is not there. just that in the midst of that sadness dont stop living. do all the above... because with purpose each day, the day passes by faster. and sometimes all we need is to get pass today. because tomolo will bring in a whole new set of problems. the bad new is you have more problems, the good new is sometimes the problem is so great it overshadow your existing problem.

throw you another one. this is two ex couple conversing. now how cool is that and they are friends, yes they can actually be friends.

MEREDITH: "I have this feeling."
DEREK: "I get that feeling also. If you wait long enough it will pass."
MEREDITH: "Do you promise?"
DEREK: "I promise."

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