Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i love you, i love you not

MEREDITH: [pauses] "I have a dog."

DEREK: "You have a dog."

MEREDITH: "My point is, I have a dog."

DEREK: [smiles] "You have a dog. Oh, and you know what? I love dogs."

MEREDITH: "I've moved on, so don't give me that look."

DEREK: "What look?"

MEREDITH: "That look. Our look. I'm over you."

DEREK: "I'm over you, too."

MEREDITH: "You are?"

DEREK: "No."

MEREDITH: "Oh. Well, I am. Over you."

DEREK: "I'm over you too."

MEREDITH: "You just said... shut up." [smiles]


a friend was thinking if she is still in love with her ex or is it just the mind that got used to loving this person. somehow you just know it is over. and i can't recall when. somehow you feel the weight lifted from you. you live each day no longer for him but for yourself. you know you want that friendship and you know it is not for any other reason. being girls that are born with curiousity and kepoh-ness it is pretty hard to differentiate which bit is still-in-love and which bit was just wanting-to-know. this might help:

how you know you are no longer in love with someone:
1. you want to know which girl he hangs out with but you no longer feel the ache when he hangs out with other girls.
2. you compare yourself to who he is dating because that is just a typical girl thing but you dont wish that he comes back to your side.
3. you want to befriend him again but you are not in a hurry to do so.

if you can actually say this without pain: 'im-actually-happy-he-is-happy', you are officially no longer in love with this person. because we are all selfish fallen beings and will never be able to utter this. we will never be able to bear with seeing the one we love happy with another person. so spare me the nonsense if you love someone enough you will be happy to see him happy. so you figure that out girl.

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