Friday, June 29, 2007

all good things come in 3

3 good buys. brighten up your days during busy season like this:
1. due to the ever 'got problem solution', i ran out of solution brands to buy. if you are going through the same problem as i am, hereby i recommend you one. bought this and thought it is one of the best solution by far. but i can't promise you how long it will be on the market. it seems to me every brand that do well in the market get banned after a while, maybe there are some sales politic there. maybe, just maybe someone is trying to monopolise the market but couldn't so they keep creating problems for all these big shots.

even when you wake up with tired eyes, it doesn't hurt. seriously good.

2. i had a crave for this long long ago when i was in singapore. but i forgotten all about it since i came back. my little sister rediscover it for me when she brought this back last week.

sweet things keep you awake

3. this is really one of the best phone i ever have. it comes in handy in my car and in gym. looks good, nice interface and desperate to mention nice earpiece too.

who needs an ipod hehe.

since i'm on it. these are 3 types of ppl you get to see in the gym:
1. pretty girls with tank top. they are there not to exercise, they just walk around and parade themselves. so pls look.
2. miss zouk that was dancing in the podium at zouk teaching the girls do dirty dancing (opps i mean latin mix, but honestly i don't see anything latin-ish in it). but it looks quite fun, maybe i should go for one of those class too, it might come in handy in the future if i can still shake. of course in such a scene, you see guys staring from outside the glass. some pretending to be on the phone, some trying to forget the tiring routine of cycling -- legs still cycling but eyes on her -- and of course some don't even bother to pretend they just sit there. yah just waiting for those moments she shakes her booty and bent down with her short skirt. oh, tight hot but.
3. this is the best part, you see some hunks once in a blue moon. i walked in and i remembered i saw him last week. i couldn't control myself so i forgotten to look away when he stared back. after i passed by, i remembered i forgotten to smile. so i told myself to do so if i have another chance. start off with my stretching and i saw him over my back doing his stretching before he goes off. couldn't do my smile thing since his back is facing me, so i went on my way to hit the machines. long after that, he passed by and he throwed me his smile. so i gently return his sweet gesture. muahahah so fun, feels like high school crush again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


there were moments we don't enjoy the time we were in
we wished then we could turn back things to the time it used to be
but soon the dark clouds will pass away and we will be so very glad
that things had been what it had been.

today i'm happy to be where i am.

been working the whole day, but what is TODAY if i just let it pass me by without pausing to reflect what life is all about. a moment connecting to soul is priceless.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


things to do before the week come to an end
1. massive clean up and sent to print L.I.F.E. booklet for lindy (124 pages)
2. HELLO! july issue (102 pages)
3. HOT! and HELLO! rate cards
4. conceptualise the whole dinner, look for wedding photographers and bridal gown for my client
5. COTR corporate identity

coming in next week
1. 3 parkson booklets for bluinc (90 pages x 3)
2. close HELLO! july issue

and i need to face it with this:
due to my neck injury, i need to lie down straight on the bed every 9 hours. if not they will be a peircing backache. all the best wongchaiyen

still hoping to
1. finish reading Hillary Clinton's book
2. meet yili for lunch in klang
3. read my bible
4. go to gym tomorrow morning (which is most unlikely, don't want to make a show tomorrow by being the first person to faint in a rpm class)
5. finish my OTH season 4, start grey's and 24 season 6

Monday, June 25, 2007

the real man can fix their relationship

this link drafted out the reason why girls get jealous more often than guys. it is pretty similar to my theories so i decided to highlight them.
1. girls are more insecure of themselves
2. knowing what they are capable to do, they project those behavior on their boyfriends.
3. guys do not know how to keep their girls informed. not good in telling the truth when question, so badly they sound like they have something to hide.
4. someone cheat on her before.

then to this other link, excerpt of the book the secrets of happily married men by dr scott haltzman. i felt that was a pretty interesting thought to be highlighted.

"My wife and I just can't agree on the right way to raise kids," he said with a sigh that gave away his frustration and resignation.

"I didn't want to separate, because I think it's the coward's way out," he was quick to add. "But I just couldn't figure out how to make things better."

... i had something important to say to this man. Here's the short version: You're a creative man who has a marvelous knck for fixing things. If something's not working in your car, you figure out a way to fix it. If you can't, you find someone who can. You've stuck with your car when most owners would have sent it to the trash heap. You have real sense of commitment and a knack for getting things work. What makes you think you can't use those same wonderful qualities to save your marriage?"

It's obvious to anyone who studies male behavior that men demonstrate extraordinary skill in sales, mechanics, politics, medicine, finance, construction, and many other areas, So why is it, i have wonder, that when it comes to problem in relationships, men resign themselves to the fate, act helpless, and give up? After long thought and study, I think I know.

For too long, men have been told they are relationshipincompetent. Maybe that's what you've heard, and maybe that's what you believe. I'm telling you now, loud and clear, it's not true. You are competent.

ok the rest of the book is pure boring, maybe because it was written for man.

trendy campaign

maybe ppl will think that it is more trendy not to smoke if our non smoking campaign looks this good. or at least they want to be associated with it.

thanks to art director like my cousin

Saturday, June 23, 2007

the substitute

it is true, i'm a loner. i don't need friends. i was never born with a community around me, never raised that way. i can kick off a project all by myself, i can even don't go out and just laze at home the whole day. i used to be very ignorant about other ppl but after i know God i learn to see more in ppl. i began to recognise everyone has a story to tell. onetreehill puts it this way "When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone." i know that i cannot be there for everyone at everytime, but in every moment i am with them i just hope to dig deeper into their life more than the surface. even if it means i'll never see them again i hope that they feel a little special after that day. i tried to sustain some friendships, meeting them eventhough i'm lacking of sleep, i tried to be that company to them when they have no one around them, i tried to hear them, i tried to fetch them, i tried to go out though i'm like broke, i tried. i tried.

i guess the movie elizabethtown best describe the character, kirsten dunst said "i'm a substitute, always taking the place of ideals in other people’s lives, until those ideal people appear. it works for me since i like being alone." more and more i come to term, maybe i am just that. i am honest i am not upset and i wouldn't say i'm jealous of their new friendships or new boyfriends. sometimes it is not even obvious, it just happen and the friendship will start to stray away. i wouldn't say that is something very sacrificial or i am a victim. i'm just stating a fact. i'm not sure if it happens to everybody, i mean ppl come and go right?

in all these, i'm fine i wouldn't even consider that ppl make use of me. but what sadden me the most is when i get misunderstood. as we grow up things get more complicated and i hate that very bit of it. i used to think that we get more mature as we grow up, that we will not be so petty over small things. but i just found out that it might just be the opposite. somehow ppl tend to be more sensitive to what i say, more watchful of my motives, more judgemental about my actions. i thought all things can be talk through but like how onetreehill puts it again "When things get bad, I always… find a way to make them worse". it is like there is no turning back, i come to realised that sometimes it is just pretty hard to restore those broken friendships.

"have you ever woken up from a really good dream and just try to get back to sleep? or have you ever had the flu and promise youself that you will appreciate normal so much more if you could just get back to it? that's the way i feel. i just want things to go back to the way that they were." onetreehill

how i wish that i can just press that 'undo' button and erase everything that happen but it doesn't work that way, does it? i mean i remember i said, i wish that i can wake up and have a partial memory lost. maybe ppl will sympathise my lost and wipe out those things in between us. and in the midst of helping me recover, we might have a chance to built back genuine friendships.

i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm a bit tired of trying. there is no doubt there are times that we upset each other but i'm trying to live my life the best that i could. i tried to share my life. and as usual you know i'm bad with my communication. it comes out wrong most of the time. but for the sake of those moments i stood by you when no one is around, those moments i was with you on the phone when you need someone to talk too, those moments i gave you courage when you didn't believe in yourselves, those moments i see the better side of you when others don't. for the sake of that pls know that my friendship for you was genuine. will you just accept my apology. you can forget me all together but just don't hate me. i don't like being in other ppl hate-list.

i'm glad you found your new friends or have your old friends back or even found yourself a companion for that matter. at least i had played my part to be there till your ideal people arrive. call me when you are ready to be friends again or maybe we might just bum into each other a few years down the road. hopefully by then we will forget all these small little things and have a better start. don't worry about me. like i said i'm a substitute...

"i'm not easy to forget but i'm hard to remember" elizabethtown

more than one, more than two, more than three. man, how many friendships need to go wrong this season? you notice a lot of quotations around, probably they speak better for me now.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

old times

i was being such a sweetie to fetch my mum to cell group this morning she decided to buy me my iced latte. so here i am sitting in centrepoint starbucks trying to work while waiting to fetch her back. i slept at 11-5am this morning but i still feel dead tired. i think i can be officially called a starbucks addict already. try to use my photo booth program and i thought i will be the nice person to entertain all my fella readers this morning by giving you an entry to read. yah since most of you think that i'm such a FREElancer.

running on my ITUNES oldies:
1. i just called to say i love you by stevie wonder
2. dying inside to hold you by timmy thomas
3. it must have been love by roxette
4. dangerous by roxette
5. i miss you like crazy by natalie cole

what you used to say but not anymore:
1. you used to say i-love-you-forever to your boyfriend, but now you only say i-love-you-very-much.
2. you used to sign on autographs friends-forever, but now you only say i'm-happy-to-have-you-by-my-side-NOW
3. you used to say i'll-always-be-there-for-you, but now you dropped the word always and that makes loads of difference

the reality is we all had grown up, we dunno what is forever anymore and at least we don't make stupid promises we can't keep. so i love you all you out there, i'm happy to have you as my friend and i'll be there for you when you need me. it sounds as good so long as i don't put these sentence next to it –– i-love-you-forever, our-friendship-will-be-forever and i-will-be-there-for-you-always :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i think myself happy

i worked, i went out and i met loads of ppl.

i smiled, i laughed and i talked.

have you ever wonder what is behind this happy smiley person? did you ever notice those split seconds when they stone for a while and what ran through their mind at that moment? seriously do you think you will ever know what is really running through my mind? if not because i open up myself.

do you believe that all through high school ppl think that i'm problem free? that is how strong i'm able to potray myself. all you need to do is toughen up yourself and let no one knows what you are struggling with. every time you walk out of your door, just put a smile and keep yourself busy. good and bad. the good is ppl want to be like me, they want to learn how to live a confident life like mine. the bad is no one ever thinks that i need company or for that matter a shoulder to cry on.

i learned to be more honest with myself the last few years with how-i-feel and what-i-want or what-im-thinking. i thought ppl will like to know the real me. i thought if i let the world know there is a girl living inside me, ppl will treat me like a woman. i thought when we have nothing to hide, life will be easier. from my past few experiences it didn't exactly turn up pleasant. i come to learn that to live the truth, it is inconvenient.

i had not done it for a while, but it had not gone rusty. i was still able to pull it through. i think ppl actually believe. for a second, i myself almost believe too.

Monday, June 18, 2007

manchester united 2 - liverpool 1

i saw this title on nst this morning. for a moment i was thinking, i thought all the leagues are over.

then i realised they are talking about our players weddings. now i know what they do during all the breaks. they make babies and have weddings.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

spouse materials

your spouse materials depends on your pattern of thoughts. a follow up study of the word compatible and suitability

most ppl in the world will choose:
1. someone very similar to them
= compatible
eg: both of us love watching movies, very patience, hate cooking and love kids.
- how come you feel in love? this is easy, the feeling of this person is like your soul mate, thinking like you and doing everything you like to do. it is super logic you can love this person.
- when does it normally happen? you normally know this person for a short period of time. it is a kin feeling.
- why would you marry this person? it seems like no one need to make any adjustments at all. sounds pretty ideal.
- what to look out for? it will come a point that both of you will struggle over your similarity. eg. two of you are very accomodating, then it will goes "you decide where to eat", "no, you decide. i don't know where you want to go", "i also dunno, you decide pls"... and it drags for one hour till they come to a conclusion. i think you don't need me to tell you how irritating this can get if you need to decide on your wedding day stuff, the things you shop for, your new house and so on. in long term one of you might turn up to be the person that is more dominant. so pls don't hate that, in a way he is force to do so. someone need to fill in the gap to make it works.

2. someone totally the opposite of them
= suitable
eg: he loves cooking, she loves cleaning the house (washing the dishes); he is patience, she is kan chiong, he loves western food, she loves local food
- how come you feel in love? it is like you are experiencing something new, something you had never experience before till you meet this person. this person shows you another side of the world. there seems to be no similarity and it doesn't make sense at all why you will choose this person. you cannot reason why, that is why you conclude this is love.
- when does it normally happen? normally you will hate the person in beginning and love them after a period of time. you will actually see how another person do things that are not normally your ways, see it works and grow to have respect for this person.
- why would you marry this person? living life with this person is so exciting, you feel that you are bringing the best out of each other.
- what to look out for? needless to say both of you will go through quite a bit of storm because you never understand why this person behave the way you will never. the main thing to remember is, REMEMBER this is what you love about this person. so instead of saying "she is egoistic" try to remember "she is passionate". instead of saying "he is slow" try to remember "he is a slow and steady person". soon, you will realised that both of you become more and more like each other. and then you will begin to love and appreciate each other more. also don't hate that change because life is a journey, we all change everyday whether we choose to or not.

sometimes we wonder do we choose to love someone or we choose someone we can love. most of us choose the latter but still later come to realised actually there is no one easy to love. in a way no one deserve our love but that is love isn't it? of course there is no right or wrong but i personally think that man and women are meant to be different. to me a compatible person qualify to be my best friend, but to find someone so different from you yet you can still feel such high esteem for this person that is suitability. that is why, my best friend can be my boyfriend but not all my best friend can be my boyfriend.

Friday, June 15, 2007

the process of falling asleep

10: it's the graveyard hour, i'm sleepy

9: ok i will sit here for a few shots... quick

8: wah what is this huh?

7: i can't take it anymore, i shall not be distracted. i'm going to my bed

6: just give me 5 seconds

5: i'm all comfortable ready to sleep...

4: (kick the camera) go away i want to sleep

3: give me a break

2: i can't keep my eyes open any longer

1: zzz

let's zoom out and have a look. you do wonder sometimes who is enjoying the sleep more
let's zoom out a little

nah, the photo looks better just with her sound asleep
sound asleep

do they look similar?

puss from shrek
why do you put me in a basket?

kids are temperamental. 1 second later they start smiling again.

why put me in a basket?
hey that's the camera

smiling again...
haha i'm the star

because i've got loads of toys here
and i have toys here too, look

a safe place

i think at the end of the day everyone is insecure. no one is ever happy with themselves.

the one who keep saying he looks good most of the time is not, he kept saying that to make himself believe he is.
the one who looks horrible is definitely not, she just doesn't want to stand out so that she can blend to the curtain of the ballroom.

the one who seems so confident at work is not, she keeps performing so that she feels in control of something.
the one who doesn't bother to perform is not, he knows he can never do it anyway so he didn't bother to try.

while most guys get insecure because they do not think that they are good enough as a person.
most girls get insecure because they do not think they look good enough.

the why
1. i grow up with sisters and best friends that look better than me. upon realising that is bad enough but with comments like "wah why your sister looks so much better than you". that doesn't help one bit.
chaileng and i
my sis and i

sis effects
my younger sister, the gene just gets better don't they?

steph and i
one of my best friend

2. i have an ex bf that left me for another girl.

3. maybe because it runs in the blood of every woman

the flip side, why i should not?
1. at least i know my boyfriend love me more than my look, i mean after i introduce them to my sis and friends.
2. well they will always be a better looking girl around, that guy is not worth my time if he doesn't stay with me.
3. since everyone is, i can at least not be the most insecure one

i hate feeling insecure but i need to admit i struggle with that. i hate it because it makes me feel so little and so ugly, more ugly than how i don't look as good. the ironic thing is, i struggle most of the time when i'm attach. one would think that if im attach and loved by someone i shouldn't right? so much so i fear getting attach. maybe because when i'm not, there are more guys going after me or maybe i just know i will never match up to so many pretty girls around so i didn't bother. but when i do get attach, i expect the kind attention from him and i try to match up to the kind of girl that he will love but you know i never will, that bit bothers me. it is like my life depends on how this person view me. and it gets pretty tiring, then the relationship get tense and most ppl quit.

ppl go for plastic surgery or those that don't just keep sulking about how not interesting they look, while i was thinking at the back of my mind how perfect they look. suddenly i realised that we will never be happy with ourselves. we will not look better as we age, how many things can we try to fix with plastic surgery. i mean we are pathetic to be comparing ourselves with other ppl that are not even happy with themselves.

i'm pretty happy with myself now. but i think this issue might resurface again in my next relationship. i realised it is not about me telling myself because most of the time we don't know how great we are. it is about another person that understand and loves us that much. reminding us everyday of our life till the day we are on our dying bed "girl, you are beautiful" and "you are my my man, you can do it". that weights so much more though your face and figure didn't change at that second, though your portfolio and position didn't change at that moment but we know those words make us beautiful, those words cause us to do wonders. so fear not you meet another person that will will make you question if you are pretty enough because he has the power to make you beautiful. fear not the person that bring along a whole loads of responsiblity, because she has the words that make you be that so much more.

security is about a place you feel safe. someone that can see the real you. did you realise you can only see yourself from a mirror? wow this is so powerful. we are born to live with another. provided of course that someone can see the real you. the you that is probably not even there yet.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

searching of the soul

top 10 one liner
1. preach what you practice so that you do not need to TRY practice what you preach.
2. example explains everything.
3. don't be a junior holy spirit -- instead of speaking for God we end up speaking as god.
4. if you lock your heart away––the burden of your heart--you will lose yourself.
5. we can listen to jetro for some tips and handles but we need to go to the mountain ourselves to get some revelation.
6. ppl judge you base on what is inside of them, so don't be too affected
7. disciples sit at the feet and learn to be like their master. a believer just want to know what to get out of the master.
8. we are called to be fishers of men not keepers of the aquarium.
9. it is equally bad to run on empty and running after emptiness.
10. reveal. reverse. release. there is always a reverse after God reveals but He will release if you still believe.

sitting there listening to how other ppl like edmund chan, danny guglielmucci, nick resce, gary rucci had journeyed their life had been refreshing. i had learned loads of things but what thing i catch is the spirit of these men, they can really hear from God and i'm not joking. time to go back to the mountain and seek God for myself because i know that God too. the best thing, i was not force to be there, i chose to be there. it is nice when you have such a freedom.

"Forget about what happened, don't keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new. It's bursting out! Don't you see it? There it is! I'm making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands." isaiah 43.18-19

Saturday, June 09, 2007

another story

another story that hopefully doesn't happen but so often happen.

she called out of the blue. he met his ex gf, the only love he has before he gets married to his now lovely wife. it is just a catch up moment so nothing much to worry about. despite the fact that she is already in her 40's doesn't one bit change the feeling, she looks as good as she was 25 years ago. you never thought that feelings last that long, do you? the time together was good to dig back up old times. but he thinks that one time is enough besides he has a busy schedule. so they said their goodbyes. she gave him a smack on the cheek. that was simple but after that night he starts thinking of the "what if". we so often do this, don't we? we doesn't resolve those things when it is fresh and after like dinasour years those same questions still come to haunt us.

anyway he got busy and carried away by work till she calls again. the conversation got pretty interesting and they started flirting. she said "i wish you are here, i need a hug" and he admitted the stupid him answered "yah, if i'm there i would". i know how often we can get carried away by this: it's-just-a-joke-so-i-don't-need-to-be-responsible-yet-i-don't-mind- being-honest-and-flirt-with-you-kind-of-feeling'. the adrenaline rush totally made him felt like high school again.

days went by, he was busy but they managed to slot in another appointment. this time it wouldn't go wrong because it is in macdonald's. i mean it is an unromantic, filled with ppl place... nothing can go wrong in such a place so he reasoned that should not do him any harm. so there they picked up from where they last ended the conversations. she remembered, "can you hug me now." he said "sure", he put one of his hand around her and let her rest on him. it is not a big deal honestly but i forgotten to say that he is a very reputable married man in his town. i mean it is like mahathir saw hugging another woman. (i mean besides the point that a muslim man can have 4 wives, and our prime minister badawi is getting himself another wife) i mean it will quite affect his image. he knew what he was doing and that day he did what he thought was most dangerous now to reflect back. he decided that night "i don't care". maybe that day he decides to echo bublé irresponsible. he didn't care who is watching, what is at stake, he just wants to enjoy the moment. he sent her back and get the same goodbye kiss on the cheek.

the story didn't progress further, she left town to go back oversea. it didn't end there for him though. it keeps him thinking. he saw what his heart was capable to do. he went into a depression and confusion, it was as if it was yesterday he broke off and he was mourning. he couldn't believe how weak he can get. he immediately lose his appetite for the word of God and prayer. it was so disturbing, he confessed it to his wife. he asked her this question "can a man love two women at the same time?" he didn't mention what his wife answer though i have my stand -- my answer is yes. anyway his honesty and his trust didn't disappoint, she stood by his side till they move on from that stage.

i think he had not really get into big trouble compare to many, merely playing around with temptation. i do not have the right to comment him anyway but this whole thing highlighted to me how i always want to push my own limit. how i so often want to stand near the edge to proof a point that i can resist sin when it comes despite knowing what i am weak in.

i respect him for his transparency to share his private life and envy that both of them has such a soulmate relationship. it is really ideal to have a man that will trust and share with you everything isn't it? and my ideal to be that woman that will take everything that comes. even though i believe these two is a process. the man to learn to trust the wife, and the woman to learn to handle the truth. most of the time the man stops at she-won't-understand,-i-better-not-let-her-know. or a woman that freaks out over the whole matter not wanting an explanation. at the end of the day, i believe two person who is willing to talk can overcome everything. just like when you put two men that hate each other in a room together, they will come out reconciled. provided of course they don't kill each other before that i mean.

i love to ask questions like these. take the quiz.

to him:
1. will you allow yourself to have an affair with another person?
2. will you tell your wife?
3. will you want both? or will you actually let go of the person you married?

to her:
1. would you forgive your husband if he commits adultery?
2. would you rather he has an affair with another woman or another man?
3. so if it is a man, will you keep that marriage, assuming your first answer is yes.

to him:
1. if yes is your answer. you are doomed to fall. because even when your answer is no, you just might fail.
2. if you have the courage to make that mistake, have the courage to tell your wife.
3. also decide first who you love more before the day you say 'i do'. and since you have the liberty to pursue whom you love, grab hold of it now. marry the person you love the most than this issue has a lesser chance to surface. because if you want both, it just shows how selfish you are because both of them will never end up happy. because though man is capable to love more than one, most woman only wants to be the one.

to her:
1. if yes is your answer, you might still not be able to handle it when it comes. i know what i'm saying. when you think you can totally trust him and he turns around with a bite is not easy to handle. how insecurity can continue to haunt you with you-are-not-good-enough. if no is your answer, you might totally surprise yourself when you realised that you love someone so much you can actually forgive the person. as you can see i'm not telling you my answer. just in case my husband-to-be read this. never let your man knows you will forgive him for this, it is a license to sin. but never tell him you will leave him too, he will never tell you the truth. it is difficult being a woman, yah i know.
2. i rather it is a man because i might die comparing myself with her. though my friend once make a reasonable point. "if not then you'll feel insecure when he goes out with girls or even guys." probably true.
3. this is good isn't it? i'm not telling you my answer hahaha...

"When life comes rushing at you out of the darkness who will you choose to face it with? Will it be someone you trust? Will they be wise? And will their love for you help them to guide you to the light, or will they lose their way in the darkness? Will they make noble choices? Or will that person be untested, someone new?

Life comes rushing at you from out of the darkness. When it does, is there someone in your life you can count on -- someone who will watch over you when you stumble and fall, and in that moment, give you the strength to face your fears?"
lucas scott from OTH

Friday, June 08, 2007

top 10 ways to keep you awake

had been sleeping in average a total of 6 hours, breaking that down to morning sleep and nap. but amazingly i am still very awake. so now let me share with you the secret.

1. not work at all one day in a week
you will be amazed how you can go another week after that one day rest

2. have a power nap
or even just close your eyes and lie flat on the bed

3. get a massage
my little sis, 14 years old skill is on par with the thai girls. i really don't know where she learns that

4. read all the hot news on HELLO! magazine
a smile lighten up your day.

5. make a super cold aik cheong iced coffee
coke will do too. dependant on your mood. cold and sweet stuff does keep you awake. i change my cold drinks every hour.

6. have a part time bf
company him for the movie while i take break. i was quite sleepy in the beginning, but to see such good looking couple get together is worth it. i mean to see them two kiss is unreal. the proposal was cheesy but still i buy that, so romantic hehe... anyway where on earth can you find two such good looking person come together?
(oh brad pitt and angelina jolie..., anyway did i say this before? at the mention of brad's name after the movie troy, i can't stop seeing the image of his sexy tight butt, i really feel like grabbing it. now i really believe how powerful images can be).
he companied me for dinner as well after my long day of work tonight. that was very sweet isn't it, who says ex can't be good friends again. always thankful to have him around especially when i need a part time bf, FWB (friend with benefits) muahaha... well we make use of each other but we are cool with it. suitable for non committed, lonely and busy ppl like the two of us.

7. check some blogs
however the clicking thing works. just click some bookmarks.

8. let your mind go wild
sitting down here to type a blog or scribbling some stuff on my diary can be quite therapeutic.

9. do some crazy things
like removing the hairs from the leg of the birthday boy.

4 guys pinned him down while i do the simple stick and peel thingin. honestly i havent use this thing before, i cannot believe a guy use that before me. he should consider that an honour. anyway that sexy leg is not his. though we dont really spent a lot of time together now but being there at james' birthday is a simple sign i'm still here sharing life with him. it is like a milestone for our friendship and the amount of victory for man u.

10. sing-a-long
let your itunes run on random and just sing-a-long. hahaha though this is an extension of crazy things. singing it loud can make you even more awake. recommended: dying inside to hold you by timmy thomas, i will survive by gloria gaynor

up and coming
1. shrek on sunday with huay phing
2. birthday party at velvet with my new gf next saturday, she actually invites me. meaning, i'm had been quite a nice company, isn't it? how sweet :)
3. sleep, i need to sleep...

not sure what is my purpose in life now but i'm definitely making full use of my time.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

what is her name?

am working hard these few nights, to entertain myself i read up some of the pages and i just couldn't understand this bit. how can his wife continue to love this man despite him having affairs twice. if it is a one night stand, we can consider that a mistake but these are obvious right at your face intentional. what do these women hold on to? their family? their children? or such great faith that true love will return. this had lead to a string of thoughts.

she said love is not a series of emotions, it is a kind of drive. a drive greater than sex drive. love had leaves it prints throughout generations in songs, poetry, paintings, legends. ppl actually conquer the highest mountains, do the craziest thing, overcome the greatest fear and die for love.

how does this phenomena begin?
how do we end up loving one and not the many out there?
at which point does it start? or how do we end it?
what happen in between do we have any part in it?

how does this unknown feeling take so much of our time?
how does this unknown fella come and take over our life?
how does this unknown source find its energy?
how does this unknown expression give us a reason to live?

someone that can disappoint us and appoint us at the same time
someone that can make us cry and the only one that can make us happy
what is this thing about? that burn us when we give too much
that hurts another when we do not give enough

how is it possible that in this selfish world that there is actually someone that we can care more than ourselves?
could this be the way out from our I-WORLD
could it be this is the reason why we ever live?
could it be?

is there a name to this light?


love is her name.

still am very intrigue by this mystery.

Monday, June 04, 2007

the cure at troy

change removes what we hate about ourselves today and bring about what we want to see in ourselves tomorrow

i remembered there were a point in my life that i felt so out of place because i'm not exactly well read. i know nuts about celebrities or music, the who is with who. i always felt the need to know so that i can blend in a proper conversation with others. unfortunately i really dont know where to start, but God sees my humble heart and he made a way.

stumbling into FHM and HELLO make me now one of the most kepoh and well informed person in malaysia. or at least 2 weeks ahead. i normally read through the stories to understand how to arrange it while others just caught my attention because i was bored working. so now i know what drop dead gorgeous models look for in a guys to how many time this celebrities married, about when king and i will hit the theatre to movies that are not even on screen yet and for music what is recommended to download from their albums. fact that i can start hearing michael bublé before it started playing on hitz FM is a good sign. fact that i know most of the movies before it goes on the screen and finally i am putting names to these faces. it is all too good.

studying greeks philosophy to anthropology -- love, from gossips to politics (living history: hillary rodham clinton memoirs), from spirituality (IDMC and EDGE conference) to humanity (reading blogs).

well i guess that is why it is always said working is a learning curve. i'm enjoying every bit of it. now i just need to find a newspaper to work with so that i can start reading news and be an all rounders. well at least i know about lucky & flo. since most guys like intelligent girls maybe then i will be a babe to die for muahahahah.

inspired by clinton i just want to use this phrase, this is the time when hope and history rhyme.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

all rolled into one

as a love expert by accident i get to hear many stories. especially at night, ppl tend to get more vulnerable and emotional. under desperation they like to throw their love stories to me. not that i can help, most of the time they just needed someone to share the weight of that emotions.

i enjoy hearing all the stories, emotions and feelings that comes with it. i concluded these are the common phase most lovers go thru:
1. the feelings of falling in love and recognising the symptoms. the obvious and not so obvious list.
2. the agony of waiting, guessing, reading signs and keeps talking about her.
3. the short lovey dovey till the fight, apathy and misunderstanding creep in-- the whole package that comes with it.
4. the break up and unresolved heart, or the patching up and making out.
5. the dunno-why-my-ex-behave-like-this phenomena
6. the waiting or the getting over it
7. the new crush (tips to get hook) and how the whole cycle starts all over again

none of the stage are enjoyable when you are in it because none of us can bear with the not-knowing-what-the-other-party-is-thinking part. the whole quest of wanting to know and be known. it takes two very willing soul to bare their hearts, two very humble mankind to lay down their pride to allow another into their life. until then there is no point of going through the whole cycle from one person to another. it will never come to the happy ending, well unless of course you are willing to settle for the second best.

so yah that was the lover part of me. this song suddenly came to my mind this morning:

I'm a bitch (pretty vain bitch),
I'm a lover (so in love with every love story)
I'm a child (a little girl when i want to be pampered),
I'm a mother (when i need to take care of my sis)
I'm a sinner(when i'm all rebellious),
I'm a saint (when i think of Him)
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

So take me as I am

since the day leng got discharged from the hospital, the mother part of me amplified.

i need to prepare lunch for my dear sister, the world knows when i cook it is news worthy

i need to make sure she eats her medicine, loads of them... that must be the biggest pill one had ever need to swallow

and watch dvd with her. the little child part of me was awaken while watching the movie, it's a boy girl thing. i was drooling over kevin zegers.

man... he looks good every angle especially without his shirts on plus the long hair, sexy

Saturday, June 02, 2007

today i qualify to be the big sister

it is friday night, i do not need to rush my work tonight because i have the weekend to finish it so i decided to be a really nice sister. despite the nurses saying no electronic devices, but everyone is using their handphone there anyway so heck it. i sneaked in some entertainment to kill her boredom. apple went visit my sis, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. not forgetting the snacks that are in the drawer. honestly i'm really not sure why this ppl bring titbits for her? so here we go.

first thing, make sure we pull the curtain around. for cinema setting pls off the light

next, let's put up our auto chair

wah, finally... nice. this is my break too you know. sorry joe, only one set of ear piece. you just see picture.

TIME BREAK she has got guest. so i went out to take supper with justin. too many cup noodle in a day, i need something different. now the second entrance will be more drama. that is sneaking into the room at 11pm. long overdue visiting hour. pass the guard, in the room, behind the curtain... phew. safe. opppsss... sshhhh... i can see the leg of the nurse behind the curtain. quickly i lift up both my legs, making sure she doesn't see mine. 1, 2, 3. door close.

the movie continued. this time it is pitch dark. honestly this is really fun.

door open, nurse came in for medicine time. "eh you got to go you know." "ok." just nice. we are done. it's already 12 and i just finish partying with my sis. now it is bedtime... zzz.

2am my house phone rang. i had to admit i freaked out. turn out it wasn't that bad, my bro's car cannot start and he is in kl. thank God we have AAM. honestly this rm60 annual fee is super worth it. call them anytime and they will come rescue you, flat tyre, battery dead, accident... highly recommended for girls that doesn't have a boyfriend but also for guys that know nuts about their nicely polish car. and yah mine is insured to me not the car. so it helps no matter whose car i am in. i just need to jump over to the driver seat when they come hehehe. this card had saved me and my friends quite a few time. i'm so glad i don't need to drive to kl to help him, if not indeed this is a FRIDAY news. good night.

Friday, June 01, 2007

my mind went around the world

surprisingly nothing much happen. i mean i barely do anything the last 24 hour except:

be the part time mummy
1. boil water, refill the water
2. do the laundry before my bro run out of his undies
3. clean up the hair that is slowly covering the surface of my floor

taking break from my responsibilities
1. visit leng. just for laugh, i told her "leng i stay up and work at home, i sleep with you when i come visit you ok?"
2. make super cold drinks to wake myself up
3. 5 minutes journaling (precious)

1. took cup noodle for lunch and dinner
2 shower once, we shall not start counting toilet break
3. get my starbucks from the hospital

the fact that i mulled over the idea of sneaking out to watch shrek was quite sexy. then i thought nah, i better go get some sleep if i have the time. still i slept only at 6am, i wonder what time i need to sleep if i do go for the movie.

anyway i'm really glad i'm working from home, if not i might not have the time and strength to do all this. had been taking all my clients job bags from the ftp sites, and emailing them for corrections. i just realise that i can be at about anywhere in the world and still perform the same job, all i need is stable internet connection. with technology like this, i dont see why ppl need to be in the office anymore. also at this very point i'm doing jobs for FHM mediacorp, BluINC, Hot Potato Publishing- HELLO magazine and yes i'm very proud of myself because when you mention publishing we know these 3 are not nobody. i think i will never be able to boast about better portfolio that these. and to add to the spice, i'm hired (yes paid) to plan a wedding. you cannot believe someone actually trust me with the most important day of her life. yup, i stumbled into such an opportunity. when passion and job kiss each other :) sweet

so no complain for the sleepless night. i just smile at the thought that maybe this time next year, doing these same job i can be sitting about anywhere... las vegas with my cousins, sun bathing on our east coast beach with monica, bangkok with steph. ok enough day dreaming. gotta go back to work.