Saturday, August 21, 2010

life long objective

'keep your eyes open, hold tight your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute, and love without stopping' 1 cor 16.13-14 the message

Friday, August 20, 2010

old news, great lessons

he's not that into you. keep this close to you heart, girls. stop wasting your years hoping on a fantasy that looks nice only on canvas. these are some snippets i copied from NW gossip magazine. her teary eyes caught my attention and i read up the entire article.

' "This whole time she couldnt help but hold out hope that she and Brad would get back together, even though he would never admit to it" a long-time LA based actress friend of Jen's says. "Part of her knew it was silly, but it was always in the back of her mind. And it is not as though Brad's never given Jen reason to hold on to hope – he's been in constant contact with his former wife especially when things with Angelina hit a rough patch.'
NAIVE GIRL NO1: most girls know it is silly, yet we do this over and over again.
JERK NO1: some guys just do what make them feel better without considering how you feel. so forget about them!
LESSON NO1: if they are hanging on to another while telling you how much more comfortable they are with you, they are just treating you as their best friend... nothing more. and guys are capable of having a lot of best friends, dont think too much over it. you are not that special.

'Jen's other trump card was the fact that Brad's mum Jane has always adored her and hated Ange. But when Jen recently saw photos of Brad and Ange in Venice with Brad's parents, it ripped her heart out.'
NAIVE GIRL NO2: we love it when their parents and friends are on our side.
JERK NO2: they have to constantly remind you that everyone else loves you, but they forget to tell you except for them.
LESSON NO2: it doesnt matter if the whole world sees that you are perfect couple (at least half a world in this case). fact is, if that he doesnt like you... who cares the mum likes you. if someone can make them love you, it is not really love then.

'... while Jen's love rival makes plans for her big day, she has been left shattered.
"To her it is the ultimate betrayal by Brad," says her Hollywood actress friend.
"All this time, with the phone calls and secret meetings, she believed they would one day be Mr and Mrs Pitt again.
"And now she knows that will never happen." '

NAIVE GIRL NO3: yah after 3 kids, you cant imagine right now Jen is still wishing that something will happen and they wont make it to the vow. a bit like Man U... girls never say die. sometimes you wonder what got into us.
JERK NO3: they always left you thinking that there is something more, no actually... they just dont mind the attention. guys are equally attention seeking idiots. they just dont admit it. they like the excitement and trill of a rendezvous to feed their manhood, and you are just a perfect candidate.
LESSON NO3: if you want to be there... whatever, just dont think too much about it. just remember always, dont think too much till they say it. SORRY, i mean even when they say it... till they consistently show it. if you still need to guess their intentions, it is just not it.

While Jennifer might not see it now, a relationship expert says that Brad's commitment to marry Angelina might be just what the, er, doctor ordered.
"She made a promise to be married forever and he broke it. She has just not gotten over it," says psychologist Dr Janet Hall of Jen's years of torture since the 2005 divorce.
"It could be the best thing for her as it ends all hopes of her legitimately getting him back."
Dr Hall says that men Jen's dated, particularly notorious playboys John Mayer and Gerard Butler, were simply lonely-night fill-ins until she got Brad back.
"If she was still pinning for Brad she have deliberately chosen bad boys who were never going to settle," Dr Hall says.
"It says that she doesnt expect a lasting relationship in choosing the bad ones and that perhaps she is not worthy since Brad left her. But now she really is free to create a lasting love with a man who can be true."
Here's hoping.

NAIVE GIRL NO4: yah girls are confused being. we want to pretend we are doing equally as well but we jumped off from one cliff to another. not sure what we are thinking. maybe we are hoping someone will come save us before the next jump.
JERK NO4: And all those other idiots, they take advantage of girls like this. they must be thinking "they know what we are like, and they are coming to our arms. woo hoo... let's eat them alive."
LESSON NO4: Why girls go for bad boys? maybe it is a way to avoid getting into anything more serious again because it hurts. maybe knowing they are bad boys makes you feel better if they surprised you by turning good, then when they look all angelic and prince charming but turned up like a mess.

come out of the shade by the perishers

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

human history

We try to be our own masters as if we had created ourselves. Then we hopefully strive to invent some sort of happiness for ourselves outside of God, apart from God. And out of that hopeless attempt has come human history... the long, terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.
CS Lewis