Thursday, March 29, 2007


this is my favourite photo

favourite 2
show you a little bit more

aren't you amazed you can find ads everywhere?

i had kfc for most of my lunch. looks like kfc are more successful here. do you know what? they do not serve potato here - no french fries nor whipped potato. so sad

for dinner, we have very good food all the time. sorry i only have a few photos. i was busy eating at other time. one thing i learned. if you order white rice, it will come only after all the dishes are served. i reason, it is because they want to taste all the dishes first. man, they surely have passion in preparing and eating their food.

none of us thought that we will have time to go anywhere. but we were too good. henry said i am quick in making decisions and that speed up a lot of the work. so we had 2 hours left to have a quick dinner. he knows shanghai upside down, too many good places to go for such a short time. finally he decided to bring us to the most happening place in shanghai. according to him xin tian di is where the young people hangout for posh dinner and drinks.

xin tian di1
the road name at xin tian di. better take a photo of it, in case i don't know how to get there next time

chamate 1
a simple restaurant in xin tian di. henry said it is a must try

chamate 2
this to settle my craving for meat

xin tian di2
i hate my camera. i can't get any good shots at night

xin tian di3
there are loads of this nice back lane around

xin tian di4
henry said this is the wall where all the models come to take their fashion shoots

xin tian di5
that is why i quickly take one too

xin tian di6
sorry this is all you get. my camera is bad

xin tian di7
even the pro can't handle my camera

xin tian di8
i mean, i really need to get a new camera

xin tian di9
nope i had not change my allegiant. coffee bean is just a nice place to take photo. look at this picture, i definitely had take the clearest night shot here, in front of starbucks. buckie should be proud of me

the ugly pot
this photo is a proof, the pot was horribly packaged. hahaha

he was rude but i was not that mad at him. he just need to apologise but i guess he went quite a distance when i find a bouquet of flowers with a note "hope you are feeling better :)" when i reached home. my question to him "feeling better? the neck or towards you?" anyway apology accepted and i guess since i complained about him, i'll do him justice by crediting him now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the story continues

just when you thought this should be over by now. i mean didn't ppl say if the guy doesn't come back to you after 3 months, they don't.

he said he is not in love with the girl he is now with.
why was he with her in the first place then?

he said he had not move anything in their new house waiting for her to come back.
was it really waiting for her or he just doesn't have the time to fix anything?

he said she is the one and he will definitely not leave her again.
maybe it is true you can only figure that out when you lose a person.

well i guess it is better to have him do you an obvious wrong, apologise and tell you he wants you. then one that once claimed he really loves you but now you don't even see a sign of his existence anymore. i always wonder how can it be such extreme? how can you love one so much in a season of your life and not at all in another? anyway, not that there is an equation for love or an explanation to that. but i guess in this situation, the formal one show that he really had love. i guess that is why we can rejoice in the return of the prodigal son story. then again not that we must love someone that loves us, i guess that is the very same choice given to us by God as well. fact is, too bad he is not Jesus.

Monday, March 26, 2007

a new experience

with my injured neck i went to shanghai. not expecting much because i already know the place i am about to shoot doesn't look very good. am not very excited as well because i also know i do not have any time left.

i arrived at the airport 5.50am, a bit anxious to meet the two people i am suppose to work with. hi hi... off we go. once we reached there, we went for a quick meal in kfc and to our first destination. the plant in shanghai. then for our dinner and to our next plant 5 hours from shanghai. huai an, a small town part of jiangsu. first day, so i tried to behave and not bring my mickey mouse camera out too much. but as usual i always travel with photographers. so here are a few just for the record.

work© All rights reserved. photograph by henry.
this is part of work. testing the light :)

pool outdoor© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
it wasn't as bored as i thought. i actually got a chance to play pool in an open freezing area. look at the contrast. a pool table in the middle of nowhere. RMB0.50/game. how cool is that?

my competitor© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
my competitor. also my driver for this whole trip, xiao zhu.

stress© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
look behind. everyone is staring... i am pretty stress

cuteness© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
all the little kids there are so cute

art (b&w)© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
my photographer's favourite

art 2 (b&w)© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
this too

red shoe© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
my famous red shoe

int 2© All rights reserved. photograph by finn.
keep wanting to be in a photo :)

int© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
one of the many nice restaurants

utensils© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
the photographers actually think i shoot pretty good photos

henry© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
the charming photographer, henry

he said:
1. "finn, i am glad you came instead of james (his other assistant). if not i don't think he will be working, got such a pretty lady here."
2. "i like your art direction. i have to say you did a pretty good job considering you are so young. if i have job next time that requires an art director i will get you ok."
3. "i have this guy name X, i think he is very nice. but maybe Y is better, he got more character."

finn© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
assistant photographer, finn. cuteness is the word to describe her

she said:
1. "i have a bro same age with you, he wants to be a pastor. he attends city harvest. interested?"
2. "you are a libra? no wonder. scorpio and libra can be good friends i am one."
3. "i really like your photo angle."

beer© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
the local favourite

kan© All rights reserved. photograph by finn.
'kan' means bottoms up

just for laugh:
1. he was checking into one room in shanghai because he extended his stay. the two of us followed him because we need to do some more product shoots. but we did wonder what other ppl will be thinking. one guy, two girls. then finn said "i know, i know. both of you are the main casts, i am the videographer and these are my equipments."
2. "i need to shower, you guys go ahead. i don't even need dinner" finn. i continued "what is this? you rather shower than to see shanghai. is that all you want to tell ppl. i bath in shanghai."
3. the client from china wanted us to bring a some stuff back for his niece. it was heavy and sealed very horribly in a ugly plastic bag. so i was teasing her. "hey, don't you want to check? what if there are drugs inside? you know those movies have it all the time." then walking pass the scanning machine. i quickly ran over first so that i can see from the tv what it is. she was already very embarrass with the bag till the immigration lady shouted loudly "zhe ke woh se sui de" (whose pot is this). everyone stared at her. and i just stand there laughing my heads off. the lady asked us what is inside and if she can open it. i said "go ahead, we also want to know what is inside". she opened it layers by layers. we were so amazed by the amount of things pack in there. later she taped it all back for us.

ok besides this. my conclusion, china ppl are just loud but they are extrodinary nice and hospitable ppl. even though we were suppose to be working for them, they were serving us like kings. you just need to know them and not walk on the street of shanghai to judge them. i didn't spent a single RMB or cents in this trip.

my neck on the other hand, it just got better and better. i have to say i am pretty surprised to feel so much better. from not being able to turn my head, to now just a slight pain at one particular weird angle. i believe it is really a miracle. it must be the prayer. thanks guys.

shanghai photos are on the way, haven't download them. after this trip, these two new friends of mine made me feel very good about myself. i have to say it is nice to have other ppl that see the beauty and strength in you once again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

till i break down and cry

i hurt my neck due to using the wrong posture during exercise.

to make it worst, i slept on a pillow too thick for an injured neck.

i consulted some friends. some were very nice and some were not so nice, "is this what you want to know, happy?". i was so hurt. fine, i am pretty vulnerable now so i just make no more conversation.

i went to the chinese doctor that did the "click clack". i was at the verge of tears. i stopped her and was in a few moment of speechlessness. i know how bad it was when it hurts even when i try to pop some pills in. meaning i need to drink with a straw. for food i need to lift my spoon to my mouth.

in pain, i drove to do all my errands. but i know i need to press on because i need to drive to singapore later. i could hardly turn my neck to see the car. i started crying in the car, my mum asked me if we need to call someone to come and fetch us.

i really cannot take it. i was desperate, i was helpless. i cried and called my boss. he said he will fly me down. it is moment like this i ask myself "why can't i take MC like any other ppl."

i went back home, i really cannot think of how. i just lied down and rest for half an hour.

i woke up and started packing. then i pleaded but no one wants to fetch me to the airport. later my sis felt bad so she took me there. even helped me with the luggage cause i am not suppose to carry anything heavy.

i got the last flight. my boss insisted to fetch me from the airport. he quickly took all my luggage, welcomed me with thank you, thank you and sorry, sorry. i didn't blame him for having me to come. he was feeling bad for me but we both know how important it is to deliver the work tomorrow.

i am prepare to drop the shanghai job if they think that i am not fit for the job, but i will do it because i don't want to cause any trouble last minute because i already promise to do it. so see how it goes tomorrow.

am feeling a bit of headache now probably because i ran around working the whole day. not to mention the heavy laptop. that i tried to hold in the best way i could. or was it because i didn't take the pills. again, i only take one main meal today so i couldn't be taking any pills without them.

i am not a workaholic. i don't love my work. i am just responsible to those i work.

not suppose to eat spicy, sour and salty food. no cold drinks for "extra ice girl" :(

the reason i write this blog is because i want you guys to pray for me and also pls remember to be extra nice to me if you do see me. am very vulnerable already, pls add no more pain. pls show some sympathy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

life had been giving me surprises

1. i started prison break. if someone just let me know earlier the main guy is so good looking i would had started this series earlier. faint...

when i showed my mum this guy. she said "leng, quickly find your sis a guy, she had been looking at white now." (seems worried, haha)

2. i got a job to shanghai and huaian over the weekend. i was told, considered, agreed and comfirmed today. i was pretty excited until i look at the itinerary. i think the only thing i will see is the shanghai airport. but it is ok, i will take that as an experience. i will be art directing a shoot. meaning? doing nothing. i just make sure everyone looks good and step back so that i can see some good angles other ppl do not see.

3. i hurt my neck because i was doing sit up in a wrong posture, eventhough i reminded myself again and again to chin up and not use my neck.

if you see me now you will think that i am pretty holy because i am obeying this command.
"So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left."

but you know what, i cannot look up as well.

btw see what i found out about my name, yen. i thought that is quite interesting.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

test of time

he said "i will be back".

if you love someone, how long do you think you will wait?

a day.

a year.

10 years.

a lifetime.

your friends around you changed.
your interests changed.
your career direction changed.
your dreams and passion changed.
you yourself is changing everyday.

he must have quite a great confidence in me to believe i will wait for him. the greatest part is this, no matter how i will become he will still accept me.

some said so that you can share the gospel, some said it is so that God can see how you live your life, some said it is to make you become a better person. what if it is just that, a test of time.

many ppl blame God why put the tree there if adam and eve is not suppose to eat from it. without the tree there is nothing to obey. similarly, without the law there is no sin. without an expanse of time, how can i claim i love and want to be with Him. He has prove His point. he is actually giving me room long enough to be sure.

just the thought of the whole world is waiting for me to decide, or is it you that need to be sure today?
The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. he is patient with you... (2 peter 3.9)

Friday, March 16, 2007

be flattered, that's all don't feel any more

what did i do recently? i am attracting strangers. btw i think this photo is doing wonders. i got this on my friendster message yesterday.

Allow me to add you if interested into friendship.

Hear from you soon.

Have a good day

p/s Do you chat? MSN, skype or yahoo

*no, i don't chat on msn with ppl i don't know. anyway he doesn't has an image. so i doubt he looks good. ok i am evil! y should believe me now that you are an exception because i considered you under safe zone. my mentors' cell member ought to be a good boy haha.

i didn't email this guy too. i mean if he is really sincere, he should had pass me his namecard. guys like that are big time player. they make sure you don't cling on to them and bother them at their office.

i learned that from a korean movie that exposed a life of a player. here are the rules to be a player:
1. never give them your contact no., only pager no. so that they can leave you message and not call you in future.
2. never let them know where you work or stay, to prevent their ex to cry and fuss at their doors
3. never date a girl more than 1 month, in case she gets too serious.
4. always tell them you love them, even at the point of break up. tell them you love them too much you need to let go for their sake. choose a good place to break up, because women will hope to leave their best impression to men on that day. for better memories apparently.
5. never answer their call or be friend again

from his last line to me, i reckon it is true. and you know what, i never hate him eventhough i see him with another girl the next day after we broke off. they sure do have their ways around girls.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

finding a reason to live on

there will be no reason to be awake again if there is no one waiting outside the operation room.

there will be no reason to survive if there is no one waiting at home after a war.

there will be no reason to be around if there is no one to keep me company.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


had been meeting one of my ex for a few days in a row cause i was working near him. we topped it up yesterday night over drink at laundry. among the more interesting lines.

from him:
"nope that girl is not pretty, you look better" (i call this smart)

"yahh meeting your ex again stirs emotions. even after so long, everytime i meet you i also will start thinking a little." "is it, i don't" cy. "you are senseless"

"so how is your relationship with Jesus?" "trying" cy. "i also felt that is the difference in you, not as good as before right?" (coming from a non believer)

as usual my very unique straight forward questions:
"so what do i score for my look now?"

"so when you broke off with me, i remember you still like me. so why didn't you go back after me?" (just curious)

"so does she still turn you on?... ok so it is not that bad."
from the same guy

Love is like a rumor, everyone talks about it, but no one truly knows

Monday, March 12, 2007

51% single

is it my new tank top written '51% single'?

or ppl in centrepoint starbucks are extremely friendly?

1. this quite well dressed up indian guy came in, looked at me and ask "is this table next to you taken?". which i answered "i guessed not." *smile*
2. then this chinese guy who was sitting on the right hand of mine before this came back to sit while i am packing to leave "going off?" to which i answered "ya, going for lunch. see you around".
3. then clearing my table, seeing i stood up this white guy walked over as well and asked the exact same question. that was quite sudden but i politely answered the same. i went back to my table to keep my laptop. he looked back and gave me another look. after a long while, i saw him again at the parking ticket paying machine. after he paid, he came back to pick up where we last end our conversation "so where are you doing lunch?" i was quite reluctant to answer but i just kept it short "hartamas" he told me he is going for a meeting at mid valley. bye. he took out a piece of paper from his pocket:

Hi, it be nice to maybe chat next time, my email is **** cheers.

hmm. did he write that for me, but didn't have the courage to pass it to me just now inside starbucks? or do he just pass paper like that to any girls haha. anyway all these kept me awake while downloading that painfully long files.

trying to live a life

© All rights reserved. photograph by jon ng.

my whole body aching from my first attempt back to the gym after a month off.

slept at 7.47am.

finally woke at 10am after i pressed snooze 3 times on my alarm.

need to find a place with internet connection because the one at home is down, now i know how handicap i am without two days of internet.

taking quite a while to leave the house. the two cuteness are here.

starbucks might help keep me awake. trying to download stuff from the ftp site. it is taking ages, very slow connection.

need to hurry for lunch with yili.

maybe i need to get another place later to finish up my work.

philosophy class tonight.

and if jelly is not tired we can start prison break tonight. what, another series? hopefully i don't get another hoh-hah from the parents now that i am doing it with the younger son :)

anyway did i say if jelly is tired? hmm maybe i'll be more tired than him.

Friday, March 09, 2007

childhood sweetheart

Song Title: 静静的 Jing Jing De (Silently) by Harlem Yu

Kong qi li duo zhe shen me
You dian lang man de xin dong
Wo tou tou kan ni
Ni ye tou tou kan wo

Shi jie shang duo le shen me
Hao xiang bian de hen bu tong
Zhan zai ni shen bian
Zhe yi qie dou hao kuan kuo

Wo hai zai deng zhe ni
Jing jing de ai wo
Zhi yao you ni pei wo
Jing jing de jiu zu gou

Ni ye zai deng zhe wo
Jing jing de wen rou
Jiu zhe yang shou qian shou
Jing jing de kan zhe tian kong

Xin li mian cang zhe shen me
Ni zhi xiang yao rang wo dong
Yuan lai wo de meng
Ye jiu shi ni de meng

Zhi tiao shang xie le shen me
Wo hao xiang yao ting ni shuo
Rang zi zi ju ju
Chong man wo men de xiao rong

Yong yuan yao ji de na tian bi ci xu xia de cheng nuo
Shun jian dian liang de huo hua
Shi wo men de yong you

Jing jing de shou qian shou
Shi zui jian dan de meng

What’s hidden in the air?
There’s a sign of romantic feeling
I’m secretly looking at you
You’re also secretly looking at me

Seems like the there is something new in this world
It doesn’t feel the same anymore
Standing by your side
All become so much bigger

I’m still waiting for you
To love me silently
So long as you’re by my side
Silently is good enough

You’re also waiting for
My silent tenderness
Holding hands like this
Silently gazing at the sky

What’s hidden inside this heart?
You should at least try to let me know
It turns out that my dream
Is also yours

What’s written on this piece of paper?
How I wish I could hear you say
Let every word, every sentence
Be filled with our smiles

Forever we shall remember of the promise we made to each other on that day
That sudden, bright spark
Belongs to us

Holding hands silently
Is the simplest dream

prefer the series silence more than spring waltz. although these two soundtracks are equally good. btw the trend now is childhood sweetheart.

Song Title: One love by Jisun

two things we cannot do alone

finished reading church: why bother? by philip yancey in one sitting. why am i reading this book, it doesn't take a genuis to see i'm actually questioning if cell works, if any of us actually change when pastor shares his heart out or if i can come to God at all through church.

but as much as i used to believe bringing a pre believer to church once might give that person a chance to know Christ, i'm giving myself an equal chance now. just maybe the next time will be it, i will experience God again.

'Saint John of the Cross wrote "The virtuous soul that is alone... is like the burning coal that is alone. It will only grow colder rather than hotter." I (yancey) believe he is right'

someone once asked me this "why do you come to church?" i answered "to worship God, i do not come for the people" to which i thought was the perfect text book answer. i am not influence by people. i just realised what i meant was "i always ignore the people". the same person also mentioned "when Christ comes back for the Bride. it does not refers to us as individuals, how we always laugh about the man becoming the bride are just nonsense. the Bride refers to the church." i couldn't understand how important that is until now. that you are either part of the church or not. i guess yancey quotes him well.

"there are two things we cannot do alone," said Paul Tournier: "one is to married and the other is to be a christian."

'I (yancey) once visited a 'church' that manages, with no denominational headquarters or paid staff, to attract millions of devoted members each week. it goes by the name Alcoholics Anonymous. I went at the invitation of a friend who had just confessed to me his problem with drinking. "come along," he said, "and i think you'll catch a glimpse of what the early church must have been like."... Mostly the members, seemed to enjoy being around people who could see their facades. There was no reason not to be honest; everyone was in the same boat.'

my desire of a church.

in my greeks philosophy class, there is this cave anology. after we walk out and see the light, do not be too proud and move away thinking we are too smart for the rest. enlightentment was never for that purpose. go back into the cave and tell others about how big the world is. they might not believe you or follow you. be gentle, remember you were once like them. thank God, He had showed you the light.

i had been visiting a few churches, with very different people, preachers and worship styles. they all have their own flaws but if i was told to lead a church, i am sure it will still fall short of what my ideal is. i know what i mean because i was the co founder of my college CF. things do not happen as we always plan it. i guess therefore i should give credit to all these pastors who had been faithful to try sustain what they had been called into. i cannot say i love my church anyway if it is not a pain in the ass. the fact is, i had not really love if it does not hurt.

for now i am trying my very best to walk as a believer. i am not apologetic about my absence in ministry. my greatest concern is my heart with God. if i cannot worship with you in church, all my act of service is just a mere show.

my first 24 hours back had been very fruitful. welcome by samuel and sara crawling to me. that's new, cuteness. a good night sleep. finish my errands in the morning. lunch with steph and jac. visit celia in her new house, my other secondary best friend. dinner with family. follow by this good read.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the pursuit of happyness

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". maybe happiness is something we always pursue but never attain.
from the movie the pursuit of happyness

remember those times when you were just so desperate to pass your exams because you know you are not all that smart.

remember those times when you were just so desperate to get an interview because you need a job but you know there are thousand over applicants out there competiting for that one position.

remember those times when you were just so desperate to get hold of your next pay cheque because you need to clear the bills that are pilling up.

you felt that luck was never on your side. to make the matter worst, bad things came from every corner. you cringe your teeth wondering if things can get any worst. at the verge of tears, why it has to be you again. benny ho puts it well, "as much as if God is for you who can be against you is true, it is also true if God is against you who can be for you." with those hardship and anticipation, you can't help but have tears swell out when one day you suddenly finds out that you actually passed. or to realise you got chosen for the job. or that the cheque is finally ready.

what can i say except that i love this movie a lot. i am not sure if you believe me when i tell you this. i had actually thought through this once, what if the man i love doesn't look like he will make it in life? i decided then i will still be with him because i believe from the bottom of my heart that everyone will have his chance, i just need to believe with him. therefore if you had ever ask me this question "what are the critireas of the man i am looking for?", doing well financially was never one of them. so long as he is fighting.

most of us had gone through desperate moments like this. which to me are precious moments of life. not many of us remember how it feels like because most of us live with stable income rolling in every month. you probably won't remember why was it important to pass your exams or get that interview for that matter. my freelance job requires me to go through that again and again. being desperate when the bank is empty and living by every penny left in my pocket. later to receive a call that the cheque is ready. that is grace. precious.

a really good movie to catch. it reminds us the good days we are living in right now was not without a cost.

Monday, March 05, 2007

joke of the day

funniest msn title i had ever seen in my life.

"true love is like a ghost, how often do you see one in your life."

my goodness i am rotf.

let the king takes its throne

from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom (king) and priests to serve his God and Father -- to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. (genesis 1.5-6)

When he (the king) takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself on a scroll a copy of this law, taken from that of the priests, who are Levites. It is to be with him, and he is to read it all the days of his life so that he may learn to revere the Lord his God and follow carefully all the words of this law and these decrees and not consider himself better than his brothers and turn from the law to the right or to the left. Then he and his descendants wil reign a long time over his kingdom in Israel. (deuteronomy 17.18-20)

many of us are kings that had not taken our rightful positions. yet there are many of us that is sitting on the throne, doing all our things without this preparations. but why would a king not summon someone to write? there must be a reason he needs to write it himself. that he may run through line by line the words. i am going to take my kingly position. i will start with the books of the law. let me see how far i can go and what will happen. since my handwriting is so ugly, i will type and keep it in my apple. for i fear i cannot read my own handwriting. haha. i am so excited :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


r: what's the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

chaiyen says: got a lot wohh hahah. bla blah. but i found out if i don't like the guy it will make it less romantic

r: what's the most romantic you've done to a guy then?

chaiyen says: also got a lot hahaha. but one i will always want to be there when he is sad. no matter how far he is.

r: god.. LOVE is so POWDERFUL!!! i know of this guy. he won't be around during christmas. so he bought 12 presents so that she can open one a day when she's not around. each present got number and represent something

chaiyen says: sweet...

r: like 1 - a plushie
2 - sims 2 game
3 - her fav book with 300 + pages

chaiyen says: aiyyooh so thoughtful. faint faint...

r: 9 - u2 dvd her fav band with 9 tracks and 9 additional dunno what. melt or not i ask u?

chaiyen says: melt... but like i say only if i like the person

r: so conclusion is it's all bout the feel and chemistry

chaiyen says: no, conclusion is not that i want a guy that is romantic. i want the guy i love to be sweet to me. you will realise small things the guy you love do for you makes you smile more than big things a guy you don't like do for you.

r: no matter how nice a guy is. it's still about the feel. a guy can be not so nice but if you have the feel. you'll like him too

chaiyen says: it is not i need a romantic guy. i just want to know i am loved. that he still bother to make an effort to tell me he loves me :)

r: ok so if someone doesn't make u feel loved. doesn't bother to say he loves you. but u have the feel for him.. you'll still like him rite?

chaiyen says: erm shouldn't be the case. will not start. but start already maybe cannot stop

r: haha.. u are insane la. so conclusion, it's still about the feel no matter how shitty that guy is

chaiyen says: but i normally like expressive guys. guys that can tell you they like you. are guys that can tell you about their things. if not don't expect to hear much of their life from them

r: and that's THE ONE you like most i guess

chaiyen says: i have a few ex bfs that are more expressive. and i like 2 out of 5 of them more

r: love is a weird thing i guess... but we just can't live without it. who can... then love again can be in many diff forms. not necessarily bf and gf

chaiyen says: i really have to say it is different. the rest of the ppl in the world you try to love. but the man you are going to married, you just love

r: ok you're getting a bit too deep

chaiyen says: you love your mum, don't you. what will you do for her?

r: anything i guess. except chores... heheheh

chaiyen says: well you will do chores for the guy you like. 

i don't like romantic guys, i like the guy i love to be romantic

Friday, March 02, 2007

feeling good

had not work so late for a while and having to wake up so early this morning. but thank God the sun is shining this morning. have i ever tell you that God loves me more. i mean it has to be, it was raining non stop the last few days. i remember waking up having these words at the back of my mind "i am so glad i do not need to go to work, how do ppl wake up in morning like this?" (dummm, back to sleep).

photograph by anna

yah, God has to love me a little more.

btw if i haven't tell you, sleeping late is very good for my soul.