Friday, March 02, 2007

feeling good

had not work so late for a while and having to wake up so early this morning. but thank God the sun is shining this morning. have i ever tell you that God loves me more. i mean it has to be, it was raining non stop the last few days. i remember waking up having these words at the back of my mind "i am so glad i do not need to go to work, how do ppl wake up in morning like this?" (dummm, back to sleep).

photograph by anna

yah, God has to love me a little more.

btw if i haven't tell you, sleeping late is very good for my soul.


retiredpainter said...

hi babe, you are up and going again so early ;) steady ah u

Sam said...


deJelly said...

cantiknya gambar..

macam floating kat fantasiland,
tengah happy aje.

= D

chaiyen said...

yup yup. i worked from 9am to 12am yesterday.

ello sam, pls blog. had not hear from you for a while. i thought the blog was to kick start before you go perth. but looks like it is not continuing very well.

:) suddenly bahasa come in. tengah high ke.

deJelly said...

takleh tidurk.. tak tau nape lah..
hati tak tenang kot..

munkin s'bab tu high..

Sam said...

Hey yen,

Oh my, youve no idea where I am. Im not in Perth, Im in San Francisco.

Will blog once I get my internet done, haha. Its taking awhile.