Friday, March 16, 2007

be flattered, that's all don't feel any more

what did i do recently? i am attracting strangers. btw i think this photo is doing wonders. i got this on my friendster message yesterday.

Allow me to add you if interested into friendship.

Hear from you soon.

Have a good day

p/s Do you chat? MSN, skype or yahoo

*no, i don't chat on msn with ppl i don't know. anyway he doesn't has an image. so i doubt he looks good. ok i am evil! y should believe me now that you are an exception because i considered you under safe zone. my mentors' cell member ought to be a good boy haha.

i didn't email this guy too. i mean if he is really sincere, he should had pass me his namecard. guys like that are big time player. they make sure you don't cling on to them and bother them at their office.

i learned that from a korean movie that exposed a life of a player. here are the rules to be a player:
1. never give them your contact no., only pager no. so that they can leave you message and not call you in future.
2. never let them know where you work or stay, to prevent their ex to cry and fuss at their doors
3. never date a girl more than 1 month, in case she gets too serious.
4. always tell them you love them, even at the point of break up. tell them you love them too much you need to let go for their sake. choose a good place to break up, because women will hope to leave their best impression to men on that day. for better memories apparently.
5. never answer their call or be friend again

from his last line to me, i reckon it is true. and you know what, i never hate him eventhough i see him with another girl the next day after we broke off. they sure do have their ways around girls.

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Sam said...

What shall we do then? Shall we date players so that their number may increase? By no means, ...

Hehe, fill the blanks yourself.