Thursday, February 28, 2008

la trip: day5 old town and 'buca' the italian restaurant

besides shopping and food. these were the other highlights:
1. discussion of the recent scandal
cy: now these women (recent edison's scandal case) will have a hard time getting someone to marry them
andrew: i dont mind marrying any of them

maybe this shouldnt be the way i introduce him to you. i think all my cousins are great deals. another single and eligible young man. pls drop me an sms, i will link you guys up on facebook :)

it seems like we are in a different ball game now

2. watching 'miss austen regrets'

"There are such beings in the World, perhaps, one in a Thousand, as the Creature You & I should think perfection, where Grace & Spirit are united to Worth, where the Manners are equal to the Heart & Understanding, but such a person may not come in your way, or if he does, he may not be the eldest son of a Man of Fortune, the Brother of your particular friend, & belonging to your own County."
jane austen

amanda: this is so sad isn't it. hopefully this does not happen to any of us
cy: God forbid... gosh this movie is so demoralising

3. playing 'catch phrase'

4. watching 'deal or no deal'

5. revisiting our childhood photos and stories

we really had a blast. this explains why i never touch any of my work when i was there. this was the home i grow up in. laughters was our way of life.

la trip: day4 disneyland

by halfway we were tired but we persist so that we can capture all these beautiful photos for your pleasure... and mine of course :)

funny how
1. these kids get all changed and lined up for this. was imagining how it looks like if i stand among them with that jedi suit muahahhahh

2. our cute ice cream turned up to be a disaster. cant stop thinking what a stupid idea it is... but i finished it up because it is too expensive. i am way smarter of course to escape from the camera

(she will kill me for posting this photo, but it is really ticklish)

3. they were shivering in the cold because none of us know how to turn the heater on, they were too lazy to move to the next table with the heater on and too embarassed to ask anyone around. couldnt stop laughing thinking how they rather freeze to death

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

la trip: day3 getty museum and the groove

i always say the sky is bluer when we are oversea. this is the prove.

i kind of understand why ppl can be so loving at the groove. it is really a pretty romantic place.

but we waste no time and find ourselves a hot dude too. the promoter from abercrombie & fitch. i unashamedly took a photo with him. im not sure if i can control myself visiting the shop each time i go there if we have one in malaysia. hit on my soft spot. topless 6 packs guy with jeans.... *hot* *hot* *hot*

Monday, February 25, 2008

something you need to know about me this week

1. one of my good friend proposed.
2. the wedding that i was planning just happened the night before. it was super chaotic but it turned up ok at the end. a couple that was checking the venue for their wedding asked for my name card. will i do it again? i said no a week before the wedding but i just might do it again. it was quite a great feeling at that night when it all takes place.
3. i slept for 16 hours today, unbelievably a lot. might be more than my one week sleep at times.
4. i learned how to play poker today.
5. i surprisingly quite free this week. i will clean up my very messy room, blog and post my LA VEGAS photos.

Friday, February 15, 2008

single emphasis day

Originally uploaded by StephTan. image displayed is not the real incident but a point of reference

i just need to be waiting for monica at curve to see couples queuing up for restaurants (yes we are smart enough not to eat there i was just there to get some stuff from mac shop), driving home using LDP highway with a big billboard of a guy proposing (click on the image to see the full size billboard) and reach the front of my gate to see fireworks at the sky just above me –- not it is not for me must be some dude pak toh-ing at the park right behind my house.

valetine's day sucks. when im attach and sucks even more when im not.

Friday, February 08, 2008

la trip: day1 and 2 factory outlet

day 2 - rare: bro and me
our trip to the factory outlet

day 2 - highway
on a big nice highway

day 2 - desert hills premium outlets
and here we are in the great anoited place

day 2 - the beginning
with outdoor shopping

day 2 - AX cover
this is to add to my first time list. i actually walk in CK, coach, AX and walk out with something.

day 2 - be amazed
im not overspending. even my 15 years old sister can afford AX. so it is really a great deal

day 2 - the big family
the auntie on my left is the auntie that introduce me to coach, nine west and Ck bags and tops.

day 2 - the girls
it's a fun girls time

day 2 - sex in the city cover
sex in the city cover?

day1 - hong kong transit
in hk airport transit

starbucks in old town before shopping

starbucks after church service

iced venti latte throughout though it is freaking cold. im just not really use to hot drinks :)

food and family
day1 - first family reunion
first night reunion

day 2 - big family breakfast
first breakfast

day 2 - sticky rice with yao char kwai and chicken floss
sticky rice with yai char kwai and chicken floss... gosh it's so good

day 2 - baked potato and clam soup
good food

day 2 - nachos
i mean very good food

day 2 - results
this is the best photo we can get... a lot of stuff (this is 1 day shopping)

day 2 - stretching
and a very tired body... *stretch*

Friday, February 01, 2008

it is holiday time again

currently in hong kong doing a transit to my next destination.

a place flowing with milk

and honey