Sunday, August 31, 2008

i have a guest

BUSY told me he is coming to stay with me in september. he had not visited for a long while. im not exactly sure how long he will stay this time round but i really hope he doesnt overstay his welcome. all the preparation i can do had already been done, may he learn not to intrude too much into my personal time.

will be having a food road trip tomorrow. excited :)

Friday, August 29, 2008


a reason why my house always look forward for the 31st is not exactly because we are patriotic. it is because every 31 of the month we get 31% discount from baskin robbin which will save us about rm120 for 3 value cuts size which looks like this. dont tell me that is a lot because it will not even last us a month without our parents control, even with their control it barely last us two months. just in time for our next stock up.

my family will only buy the jamaica almond flavour. that is our household favourites.

but today is only the 29th, why didnt my parents wait for 3 more days? so here is the news if you havent know...

in conjunction to our national day, they extended the promotions for 3 days. not many ppl know that yet so for once we do not need to fight the crowd.

seriously it is yummy, i just found out they dont have baskin robbin in spore. if so you can try in your next visit with me. this is my other craze next to starbucks latte. what are you waiting for, give yourself a treat... just forget about the fattening bit for this weekend. what the heck, it is national day so it is an excuse to celebrate.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

spring cleaning cont'

this spring cleaning thing is not funny. im on the roll. the night before i was going through my boxes of letters and cards, sorting that out alone kept me awake till 4am. i seriously am not going to start so late anymore. guess what i found out:

1. ANNA RINA - we were seriously hardworking, we actually wrote in an average of two letters each month. this is one of her many letters, totally meaningless conversations but it lights up our days.
(click to read)
yat yat hei yam cha = 'go mamak everyday', loves writing and reading in cantonese. just the fun of cracking what she meant and the tickle while reading it
kwok fu seng = aaron kwok, embarrassingly but true we were fans then. he has baby face and good body. plus he can sing and dance.
u-wei = yew wei was someone i have a crush on which ended up as my best friend then boyfriend in the next letter. one whose wedding, i went quite a distance to attend this year.
cheng kai = was my player ex boyfriend, opps name revealed. if anyone knows him, pls tell him im looking for him.

hope she doesnt kill me for blogging this. i guess you should be able to roughly figure out what i wrote to her in my letter before hers :)

2. CELIA TIEW - we were quite busy, but still enough to pile up some letters. even more random matters but i guess the topic is consistent, boys.
(click to read)
chan hiu dong = im not his fan but i guess then those were the celebrity we talk about
shin yee = also known as steph. yes we were gossiping about her hahaha.
hello kitty = if you remember the craze then. these are little details that makes you feel like you are almost there when life was so carefree and simple.

3. ELAINE HO - she sent the most letters to me, so much so i dedicated a box for them. not only letters, she send me sea shells, books, photostat materials, newspaper cuttings and things you can never imagine come in an envelope. she is really faithful in doing so, seriously i no longer remember how to write. maybe, there are no guys and ppl to gossip about. she also wrote me about some guys but im almost sure she will kill me for publishing it here hahahahhah.... did i say some, opps.

a result of reading some of those letters, i realised we only remember the happy moments in life.

soon the pain we will remember no more,
our anger will fade away,
the busyness cannot be felt.

what is left are beautiful sweet memories,
so why not make more of them.

p.s. was suppose to organise my photos next but i guess not tonight if not i will be sleeping at some weird ungodly hours again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

spring cleaning

i dont understand. i spent the whole weekend trying to trash as many things from my cupboards. i trashed 5 loads full of films which i do not need to keep anymore, inspirational pieces i collect that are not even consider cool anymore, works from college was a tough one since i refuse to part with them remembering the many hours i put on it (i still kept a few pieces especially my marker drawing, love them! i actually cant believe i coloured them), body and facial products which i forgotten to use and i cant find the expiry date so i threw all of them.

after all the hardwork, so much of separation with the past. all i get is a small drawer emptied. seriously.... how did i fit so much trash in my cupboard previously. when im free the next few days i will look into my bookshelf and wardrobe. im determine to make more room in the cupboard for my new books collection and to hide things that i tend to leave around nowadays. i used to have a really tidy room, wonder from whom did i pick up such a bad habit.

one once said, the condition of your room reflects the condition of your heart. im trying to fix that.
dad: why the sudden spring cleaning?
cy: yahh coz looks like im staying here for another 10 years.
dad: another 10 years means you are going to stay with me till old already. u dont think 10 years later anyone still wants you right.
cy: yah by then i will settle for the 70 years old rich uncle my cousin recommended that own an island in australia.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

masterpiece or what

no sara didnt draw that, my sis draw this and she is 15. that is a dog, not a cat. the green thing is not an aeroplane, that is her signature.

very good attempt for a new photoshop user. she colours my day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the price of my medical fee

not that i am more hard working nowadays but i had been doing more and more lifestyle magazines, which requires me to path out like hundreds over products ranging from perfumes, heels, dresses, models and the list goes on. that resulted with what they call a mouse elbow. basically my whole right hand could not move and it hurts when i try to even click the mouse. inflammation on my elbow onwards.

that is the end of my career.

so i decided to rest as adviced. thankfully, i dont have much work this week so im declaring a week off because im freaking out and not ready to lose my right hand.

so i started thinking what alternative i have. instead of seeing a doctor, i got myself this. not the best in the market but i guessed enough for a beginner. yessss white to match my macbook. vanity :)

here is my first piece. of course so much more can be done, in fact most ppl can do this with their mouse but somehow i cant cordinate my right hand to do this kind of simple things.

just in case you wonder how this help since my hand is still injured. im a left handed, so i can now utilise my left hand. dont ask me how come i can use the mouse with my right hand. i cant remember how i started off with that. but basically now i can spread the work between the two hands. 'bamboo' on my left and 'apple' on my right. take your time to recover while i practice using my bamboo pen.

most satisfied medical fee i ever paid. happy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

identity crisis

i definitely do not know her but i was sitting there for a good one hour cheering for li jia wei, singapore. never ever play table tennis before but at least now i know a bit of the rules.

then for the next one hour or so cheering for lee chong wei, malaysia.

both qualified for the final. happy :) im glad im not put in the spot when the two country are competing for the same game yet haha.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

not so gloomy for me

it is a gloomy day today, these are days i wake up and thank God im a freelancer. swedish balls for brunch and a long afternoon nap. heading to the gym now. life is a bliss.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the tan look


HOT magazine 100th issue party at pulse, grand millennium hotel


STYLE magazine 1st year anniversary party at zouk

this tan has lasted me a month. it is starting to fade. so do i look better tan? compare that arm hehe...

above two photos taken by anna-rina during our recent redang trip.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

MTV asia awards 2008

working with a gossip magazines definitely have it perks. besides free movies, i had been given quite a few opportunity to party with the local celebs. getting the ticket for MTV asia awards got me really excited, i love the fact that im will be hearing live all my recent favourite songs from the original artiste.


sorry, to be honest i dont exactly know who jared leto is, till yesterday night. he is not exactly my type of cute guy but i heard a lot about him from my other colleagues who interviewed him. he sounded kinda fun, notti and the continuous mention of his attractive eyes i think deserve to be highlighted here. to his credit he took home the 'VIDEO STAR' award for A Beautiful Life music video. that is when it all dawned on me, i saw that music video before so i guess 30 SECONDS TO MARS really deserve that award.

on the other hand, i always like karen mok. but i love her even more after that night. she looks totally gorgeous and i think she did a really good job for the night. love her outfits.


no better way than to start off with the girls. and even i have to say these girls are hot. not only them, despite the cold weather like 20degree celsius you can see really a lot of hot young girls with short dresses and in 2 inches heels. believe it or not they stood throughout the show that lasted about 3 hours.

another closer look of the girls.


as predicted the 3-million-downloaded song apologise and stop and stare.

try calculating how many camera phones were there. im sure it is somewhere on youtube but im not sure if you can hear anything at all :)

OneRepublic feat. Timbaland - Apologize won the 'Best Hook-up' award for their collaboration.

this is not on TV. they look totally fun when they start whacking each other with the award.

on a side note, they walked past me. im sure they saw us because there were only two of us since the screaming fans were behind bars guarded by security. i think we could be there because we were very well behaved since i dont know who they are till they actually walk pass hahaha. you see, i listen to radio and itunes... so i dont exactly know how all these celebs look like but now i know :) before the car leave one of the dude in the car waved to us. that made my friend really happy coz she is a really big fan.


all throughout the show we were quite disappointed with the sound system. the mic wasnt clear and their voice projection wasnt great but when this woman took over the stage she proved us all wrong. because the sound was perfect. i suppose she did better but even with this sound system she did not disappoint. can you imagine we only caught a glimpse of her greatness and that left all of us totally impress.

she did better in time and bleeding love. that had to be the highlights of the night.

totally deserve the 'Breakthrough Artist' award.


ku kui kei tongue twister name, LEO KU walked away with 'Favourite Artist Hong Kong' award; STEFANIE SUN for 'Favourite Artist Singapore' award and SHOW LO grabbed the 'Favourite Artist Taiwan' award.


presented The Man Who Can't Be Moved. love the lyrics, sound like what i wrote im not gonna move.


the boys took the newly introduced 'The Knockout' award for being the band that won the hearts of the fans in asia. i know that song Jenny.



this is like probably one of the biggest boy band i ever seen. big as in not by fans but by the number of ppl in the group. it is one of the performance i secretly like. i like korean boys and korean songs though i dont understand a single word. i have downloaded mirror the first song they performed. from now on i will be a closet fan, still trying to find the name of the main guy. he is so cute.


the most impressive 'M'

apology, i didnt get any Nicholas Teo's photo since he didnt do any presentation. He won the 'Favourite Artist Malaysia' Award. anyway that's all you get from me for now, if only i have a better camera

Friday, August 01, 2008

twins two




are two years old

top 5 cutest moment

came into my room, closed the door. pointed to my ceiling... "ssstaarrr". "you want to see stars?" she nodded her head, climbed to my bed and laid down to enjoy. it seems like she know i will off the light and make sure those stars glow for her. demanding.

their maid left, so her mum had not been bringing them out for a while. as they stepped out of the car for dinner that day, they both went "wwaaaaahhhHHH". as if that was the first time they see the sky. or probably they were just trying to proof a point.


she kept pressing the head as tomy nodded. that is like one of her favourite toy in my room. my dad looked at her and suddenly decided to say "DON'T touch my head". for the next 10 minutes she kept her hands to herself. it is not a surprise she is scared of my dad, most kids are. she is totally cute when she slowly touches tomy's hand after my dad says "can touch only the hand". my dad is almost evil, freaking that poor kid off for his amusement.

we went for buffet in shogun. she got a bit bored sitting for so long, so i carried her around and showed her those colourful sushi. she suddenly got excited and kept pointing she wanted something. i was clueless for a while till i walked closer to those deco candles. she blew it off. then i learned that she had been practicing that as her preparation for her upcoming birthday party.

we celebrated their birthday last weekend. obviously there is only one birthday cake and two candles. so sara blew one and we all clapped our hands. then another boy excitedly blew the second candle eventhough it wasnt his cake. i was a bit upset samuel couldnt show off his new skill. then we taught both of them to hold the cake's knife to pose for a photo. samuel grabbed the knife from his sister's hand and make a cut in the centre of the cake. that got a very big applaud from everyone because for that moment he just seem so man. i swear he didnt rehearse that. he just need to prove us he can do more than blow a candle i guess :)