Friday, August 29, 2008


a reason why my house always look forward for the 31st is not exactly because we are patriotic. it is because every 31 of the month we get 31% discount from baskin robbin which will save us about rm120 for 3 value cuts size which looks like this. dont tell me that is a lot because it will not even last us a month without our parents control, even with their control it barely last us two months. just in time for our next stock up.

my family will only buy the jamaica almond flavour. that is our household favourites.

but today is only the 29th, why didnt my parents wait for 3 more days? so here is the news if you havent know...

in conjunction to our national day, they extended the promotions for 3 days. not many ppl know that yet so for once we do not need to fight the crowd.

seriously it is yummy, i just found out they dont have baskin robbin in spore. if so you can try in your next visit with me. this is my other craze next to starbucks latte. what are you waiting for, give yourself a treat... just forget about the fattening bit for this weekend. what the heck, it is national day so it is an excuse to celebrate.

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