Monday, August 25, 2008

spring cleaning

i dont understand. i spent the whole weekend trying to trash as many things from my cupboards. i trashed 5 loads full of films which i do not need to keep anymore, inspirational pieces i collect that are not even consider cool anymore, works from college was a tough one since i refuse to part with them remembering the many hours i put on it (i still kept a few pieces especially my marker drawing, love them! i actually cant believe i coloured them), body and facial products which i forgotten to use and i cant find the expiry date so i threw all of them.

after all the hardwork, so much of separation with the past. all i get is a small drawer emptied. seriously.... how did i fit so much trash in my cupboard previously. when im free the next few days i will look into my bookshelf and wardrobe. im determine to make more room in the cupboard for my new books collection and to hide things that i tend to leave around nowadays. i used to have a really tidy room, wonder from whom did i pick up such a bad habit.

one once said, the condition of your room reflects the condition of your heart. im trying to fix that.
dad: why the sudden spring cleaning?
cy: yahh coz looks like im staying here for another 10 years.
dad: another 10 years means you are going to stay with me till old already. u dont think 10 years later anyone still wants you right.
cy: yah by then i will settle for the 70 years old rich uncle my cousin recommended that own an island in australia.

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