Sunday, August 03, 2008

MTV asia awards 2008

working with a gossip magazines definitely have it perks. besides free movies, i had been given quite a few opportunity to party with the local celebs. getting the ticket for MTV asia awards got me really excited, i love the fact that im will be hearing live all my recent favourite songs from the original artiste.


sorry, to be honest i dont exactly know who jared leto is, till yesterday night. he is not exactly my type of cute guy but i heard a lot about him from my other colleagues who interviewed him. he sounded kinda fun, notti and the continuous mention of his attractive eyes i think deserve to be highlighted here. to his credit he took home the 'VIDEO STAR' award for A Beautiful Life music video. that is when it all dawned on me, i saw that music video before so i guess 30 SECONDS TO MARS really deserve that award.

on the other hand, i always like karen mok. but i love her even more after that night. she looks totally gorgeous and i think she did a really good job for the night. love her outfits.


no better way than to start off with the girls. and even i have to say these girls are hot. not only them, despite the cold weather like 20degree celsius you can see really a lot of hot young girls with short dresses and in 2 inches heels. believe it or not they stood throughout the show that lasted about 3 hours.

another closer look of the girls.


as predicted the 3-million-downloaded song apologise and stop and stare.

try calculating how many camera phones were there. im sure it is somewhere on youtube but im not sure if you can hear anything at all :)

OneRepublic feat. Timbaland - Apologize won the 'Best Hook-up' award for their collaboration.

this is not on TV. they look totally fun when they start whacking each other with the award.

on a side note, they walked past me. im sure they saw us because there were only two of us since the screaming fans were behind bars guarded by security. i think we could be there because we were very well behaved since i dont know who they are till they actually walk pass hahaha. you see, i listen to radio and itunes... so i dont exactly know how all these celebs look like but now i know :) before the car leave one of the dude in the car waved to us. that made my friend really happy coz she is a really big fan.


all throughout the show we were quite disappointed with the sound system. the mic wasnt clear and their voice projection wasnt great but when this woman took over the stage she proved us all wrong. because the sound was perfect. i suppose she did better but even with this sound system she did not disappoint. can you imagine we only caught a glimpse of her greatness and that left all of us totally impress.

she did better in time and bleeding love. that had to be the highlights of the night.

totally deserve the 'Breakthrough Artist' award.


ku kui kei tongue twister name, LEO KU walked away with 'Favourite Artist Hong Kong' award; STEFANIE SUN for 'Favourite Artist Singapore' award and SHOW LO grabbed the 'Favourite Artist Taiwan' award.


presented The Man Who Can't Be Moved. love the lyrics, sound like what i wrote im not gonna move.


the boys took the newly introduced 'The Knockout' award for being the band that won the hearts of the fans in asia. i know that song Jenny.



this is like probably one of the biggest boy band i ever seen. big as in not by fans but by the number of ppl in the group. it is one of the performance i secretly like. i like korean boys and korean songs though i dont understand a single word. i have downloaded mirror the first song they performed. from now on i will be a closet fan, still trying to find the name of the main guy. he is so cute.


the most impressive 'M'

apology, i didnt get any Nicholas Teo's photo since he didnt do any presentation. He won the 'Favourite Artist Malaysia' Award. anyway that's all you get from me for now, if only i have a better camera


Wei Li said...

bad sound system, why am i not surprised? =p

chaiyen said...

is that comman? the first malaysian idol that was held at the same venue was good. anyway it is a waste....

Wei Li said...

yea its common...even in big shows

Anonymous said...

i was invited to the awards too, but couldn't make it cos not in town. caught the fabulous contortionists at cirque in vegas tho! - elaine

chaiyen said...

VEGAS? you were at vegas.... i also want to go vegas

Unknown said...

After a one year hiatus, the mtv Asia awards 2008 returns on august 2, 2008. The event was held at the 6,000 seater arena of stars in genting, Malaysia. This was the first time the award show is held in Malaysia. This was the sixth mtv Asia awards. nominees were announced on June 14, 2008 via the channel. At the same day the mtv Asia awards official website was also reopened.