Friday, February 08, 2008

la trip: day1 and 2 factory outlet

day 2 - rare: bro and me
our trip to the factory outlet

day 2 - highway
on a big nice highway

day 2 - desert hills premium outlets
and here we are in the great anoited place

day 2 - the beginning
with outdoor shopping

day 2 - AX cover
this is to add to my first time list. i actually walk in CK, coach, AX and walk out with something.

day 2 - be amazed
im not overspending. even my 15 years old sister can afford AX. so it is really a great deal

day 2 - the big family
the auntie on my left is the auntie that introduce me to coach, nine west and Ck bags and tops.

day 2 - the girls
it's a fun girls time

day 2 - sex in the city cover
sex in the city cover?

day1 - hong kong transit
in hk airport transit

starbucks in old town before shopping

starbucks after church service

iced venti latte throughout though it is freaking cold. im just not really use to hot drinks :)

food and family
day1 - first family reunion
first night reunion

day 2 - big family breakfast
first breakfast

day 2 - sticky rice with yao char kwai and chicken floss
sticky rice with yai char kwai and chicken floss... gosh it's so good

day 2 - baked potato and clam soup
good food

day 2 - nachos
i mean very good food

day 2 - results
this is the best photo we can get... a lot of stuff (this is 1 day shopping)

day 2 - stretching
and a very tired body... *stretch*

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