Thursday, February 28, 2008

la trip: day5 old town and 'buca' the italian restaurant

besides shopping and food. these were the other highlights:
1. discussion of the recent scandal
cy: now these women (recent edison's scandal case) will have a hard time getting someone to marry them
andrew: i dont mind marrying any of them

maybe this shouldnt be the way i introduce him to you. i think all my cousins are great deals. another single and eligible young man. pls drop me an sms, i will link you guys up on facebook :)

it seems like we are in a different ball game now

2. watching 'miss austen regrets'

"There are such beings in the World, perhaps, one in a Thousand, as the Creature You & I should think perfection, where Grace & Spirit are united to Worth, where the Manners are equal to the Heart & Understanding, but such a person may not come in your way, or if he does, he may not be the eldest son of a Man of Fortune, the Brother of your particular friend, & belonging to your own County."
jane austen

amanda: this is so sad isn't it. hopefully this does not happen to any of us
cy: God forbid... gosh this movie is so demoralising

3. playing 'catch phrase'

4. watching 'deal or no deal'

5. revisiting our childhood photos and stories

we really had a blast. this explains why i never touch any of my work when i was there. this was the home i grow up in. laughters was our way of life.

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