Wednesday, March 14, 2007


had been meeting one of my ex for a few days in a row cause i was working near him. we topped it up yesterday night over drink at laundry. among the more interesting lines.

from him:
"nope that girl is not pretty, you look better" (i call this smart)

"yahh meeting your ex again stirs emotions. even after so long, everytime i meet you i also will start thinking a little." "is it, i don't" cy. "you are senseless"

"so how is your relationship with Jesus?" "trying" cy. "i also felt that is the difference in you, not as good as before right?" (coming from a non believer)

as usual my very unique straight forward questions:
"so what do i score for my look now?"

"so when you broke off with me, i remember you still like me. so why didn't you go back after me?" (just curious)

"so does she still turn you on?... ok so it is not that bad."
from the same guy

Love is like a rumor, everyone talks about it, but no one truly knows

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damyst said...

Hey, need your help on something... my friend is headed to Singapore for a week, he wants to know of good food places, not the usual touristy stuff, but good authentic msian/singaporean cuisine. Also if you know of any good cheap hotels and stuff and some good clubs with good DJs (he's a music lover and wants good music) that would rock. :) Thanks! Hope you're doing well~!!