Monday, March 19, 2007

life had been giving me surprises

1. i started prison break. if someone just let me know earlier the main guy is so good looking i would had started this series earlier. faint...

when i showed my mum this guy. she said "leng, quickly find your sis a guy, she had been looking at white now." (seems worried, haha)

2. i got a job to shanghai and huaian over the weekend. i was told, considered, agreed and comfirmed today. i was pretty excited until i look at the itinerary. i think the only thing i will see is the shanghai airport. but it is ok, i will take that as an experience. i will be art directing a shoot. meaning? doing nothing. i just make sure everyone looks good and step back so that i can see some good angles other ppl do not see.

3. i hurt my neck because i was doing sit up in a wrong posture, eventhough i reminded myself again and again to chin up and not use my neck.

if you see me now you will think that i am pretty holy because i am obeying this command.
"So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left."

but you know what, i cannot look up as well.

btw see what i found out about my name, yen. i thought that is quite interesting.




its just the translation of the chinese name laaaaaaaaa... no?

prison break is good, though i feel that the human relations/emotions part is abit thin compared to alias/lost

Sam said...

Wootz, am on Season 2.

It just gets better.

Watching with Jelly?


Anonymous said...

yen = japanese yen lah. hahaha. i want 2b back there!!!