Monday, March 12, 2007

trying to live a life

© All rights reserved. photograph by jon ng.

my whole body aching from my first attempt back to the gym after a month off.

slept at 7.47am.

finally woke at 10am after i pressed snooze 3 times on my alarm.

need to find a place with internet connection because the one at home is down, now i know how handicap i am without two days of internet.

taking quite a while to leave the house. the two cuteness are here.

starbucks might help keep me awake. trying to download stuff from the ftp site. it is taking ages, very slow connection.

need to hurry for lunch with yili.

maybe i need to get another place later to finish up my work.

philosophy class tonight.

and if jelly is not tired we can start prison break tonight. what, another series? hopefully i don't get another hoh-hah from the parents now that i am doing it with the younger son :)

anyway did i say if jelly is tired? hmm maybe i'll be more tired than him.

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