Monday, March 12, 2007

51% single

is it my new tank top written '51% single'?

or ppl in centrepoint starbucks are extremely friendly?

1. this quite well dressed up indian guy came in, looked at me and ask "is this table next to you taken?". which i answered "i guessed not." *smile*
2. then this chinese guy who was sitting on the right hand of mine before this came back to sit while i am packing to leave "going off?" to which i answered "ya, going for lunch. see you around".
3. then clearing my table, seeing i stood up this white guy walked over as well and asked the exact same question. that was quite sudden but i politely answered the same. i went back to my table to keep my laptop. he looked back and gave me another look. after a long while, i saw him again at the parking ticket paying machine. after he paid, he came back to pick up where we last end our conversation "so where are you doing lunch?" i was quite reluctant to answer but i just kept it short "hartamas" he told me he is going for a meeting at mid valley. bye. he took out a piece of paper from his pocket:

Hi, it be nice to maybe chat next time, my email is **** cheers.

hmm. did he write that for me, but didn't have the courage to pass it to me just now inside starbucks? or do he just pass paper like that to any girls haha. anyway all these kept me awake while downloading that painfully long files.


Sam said...

Haha, hot stuff.



i want that magic top also. double portion i put 102% single hahaha..

Anonymous said...

hahah... why got 51% single? What happened to 49%??

chaiyen said...

haha. so you all do think it is the top, not me huh. cheh. keke

blurred esh said...

coffeexified..! see, coffee is good, aye? ;o)

Anonymous said...

u have to show us what the top looks like, and how you looked in the top, for us to really judge. haha

deJelly said...

what were you wearing yen??


chaiyen said...

it is just a normal mini t.

Anonymous said...

they are just high on caffeine


Alvin (SG)