Thursday, March 29, 2007


this is my favourite photo

favourite 2
show you a little bit more

aren't you amazed you can find ads everywhere?

i had kfc for most of my lunch. looks like kfc are more successful here. do you know what? they do not serve potato here - no french fries nor whipped potato. so sad

for dinner, we have very good food all the time. sorry i only have a few photos. i was busy eating at other time. one thing i learned. if you order white rice, it will come only after all the dishes are served. i reason, it is because they want to taste all the dishes first. man, they surely have passion in preparing and eating their food.

none of us thought that we will have time to go anywhere. but we were too good. henry said i am quick in making decisions and that speed up a lot of the work. so we had 2 hours left to have a quick dinner. he knows shanghai upside down, too many good places to go for such a short time. finally he decided to bring us to the most happening place in shanghai. according to him xin tian di is where the young people hangout for posh dinner and drinks.

xin tian di1
the road name at xin tian di. better take a photo of it, in case i don't know how to get there next time

chamate 1
a simple restaurant in xin tian di. henry said it is a must try

chamate 2
this to settle my craving for meat

xin tian di2
i hate my camera. i can't get any good shots at night

xin tian di3
there are loads of this nice back lane around

xin tian di4
henry said this is the wall where all the models come to take their fashion shoots

xin tian di5
that is why i quickly take one too

xin tian di6
sorry this is all you get. my camera is bad

xin tian di7
even the pro can't handle my camera

xin tian di8
i mean, i really need to get a new camera

xin tian di9
nope i had not change my allegiant. coffee bean is just a nice place to take photo. look at this picture, i definitely had take the clearest night shot here, in front of starbucks. buckie should be proud of me

the ugly pot
this photo is a proof, the pot was horribly packaged. hahaha

he was rude but i was not that mad at him. he just need to apologise but i guess he went quite a distance when i find a bouquet of flowers with a note "hope you are feeling better :)" when i reached home. my question to him "feeling better? the neck or towards you?" anyway apology accepted and i guess since i complained about him, i'll do him justice by crediting him now.


Anonymous said...

Guess what... The KFC in China is not famous for their fried chicken.
It's their BURGER!!!
I was told by my friend in China..

Anonymous said...

Btw, i'm Steph ;P


Maybe you need a tripod for nite shots? I experience these too when taking nite scene at Hong Kong..