Monday, March 26, 2007

a new experience

with my injured neck i went to shanghai. not expecting much because i already know the place i am about to shoot doesn't look very good. am not very excited as well because i also know i do not have any time left.

i arrived at the airport 5.50am, a bit anxious to meet the two people i am suppose to work with. hi hi... off we go. once we reached there, we went for a quick meal in kfc and to our first destination. the plant in shanghai. then for our dinner and to our next plant 5 hours from shanghai. huai an, a small town part of jiangsu. first day, so i tried to behave and not bring my mickey mouse camera out too much. but as usual i always travel with photographers. so here are a few just for the record.

work© All rights reserved. photograph by henry.
this is part of work. testing the light :)

pool outdoor© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
it wasn't as bored as i thought. i actually got a chance to play pool in an open freezing area. look at the contrast. a pool table in the middle of nowhere. RMB0.50/game. how cool is that?

my competitor© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
my competitor. also my driver for this whole trip, xiao zhu.

stress© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
look behind. everyone is staring... i am pretty stress

cuteness© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
all the little kids there are so cute

art (b&w)© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
my photographer's favourite

art 2 (b&w)© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
this too

red shoe© All rights reserved. photograph by henry and finn.
my famous red shoe

int 2© All rights reserved. photograph by finn.
keep wanting to be in a photo :)

int© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
one of the many nice restaurants

utensils© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
the photographers actually think i shoot pretty good photos

henry© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
the charming photographer, henry

he said:
1. "finn, i am glad you came instead of james (his other assistant). if not i don't think he will be working, got such a pretty lady here."
2. "i like your art direction. i have to say you did a pretty good job considering you are so young. if i have job next time that requires an art director i will get you ok."
3. "i have this guy name X, i think he is very nice. but maybe Y is better, he got more character."

finn© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
assistant photographer, finn. cuteness is the word to describe her

she said:
1. "i have a bro same age with you, he wants to be a pastor. he attends city harvest. interested?"
2. "you are a libra? no wonder. scorpio and libra can be good friends i am one."
3. "i really like your photo angle."

beer© All rights reserved. photograph by chaiyen.
the local favourite

kan© All rights reserved. photograph by finn.
'kan' means bottoms up

just for laugh:
1. he was checking into one room in shanghai because he extended his stay. the two of us followed him because we need to do some more product shoots. but we did wonder what other ppl will be thinking. one guy, two girls. then finn said "i know, i know. both of you are the main casts, i am the videographer and these are my equipments."
2. "i need to shower, you guys go ahead. i don't even need dinner" finn. i continued "what is this? you rather shower than to see shanghai. is that all you want to tell ppl. i bath in shanghai."
3. the client from china wanted us to bring a some stuff back for his niece. it was heavy and sealed very horribly in a ugly plastic bag. so i was teasing her. "hey, don't you want to check? what if there are drugs inside? you know those movies have it all the time." then walking pass the scanning machine. i quickly ran over first so that i can see from the tv what it is. she was already very embarrass with the bag till the immigration lady shouted loudly "zhe ke woh se sui de" (whose pot is this). everyone stared at her. and i just stand there laughing my heads off. the lady asked us what is inside and if she can open it. i said "go ahead, we also want to know what is inside". she opened it layers by layers. we were so amazed by the amount of things pack in there. later she taped it all back for us.

ok besides this. my conclusion, china ppl are just loud but they are extrodinary nice and hospitable ppl. even though we were suppose to be working for them, they were serving us like kings. you just need to know them and not walk on the street of shanghai to judge them. i didn't spent a single RMB or cents in this trip.

my neck on the other hand, it just got better and better. i have to say i am pretty surprised to feel so much better. from not being able to turn my head, to now just a slight pain at one particular weird angle. i believe it is really a miracle. it must be the prayer. thanks guys.

shanghai photos are on the way, haven't download them. after this trip, these two new friends of mine made me feel very good about myself. i have to say it is nice to have other ppl that see the beauty and strength in you once again.


Anonymous said...

missed ur post on ur neck, only read it now belatedly. but looks like everything worked out fine n u did very well in china too. fun/excitings! cheers :) 'laine

Felix :O) said...

loved the photos, love the smile! :)

deJelly said...

hehe. yea.. like the bottoms up picture..

Fooman said...

Looks like you had a great trip!

Joshua Kwah said...

well done for Shanghai chaiyen. Hope the trip exercised your faith and artistry.

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you're feeling better~! Rest up some more though ok?

chaiyen said...

yup, yup... i realised i do still need to sleep on good pillow. i shall not test my limits. and now i have a whole new set of problem - itchy throat. hehehe