Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the pursuit of happyness

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". maybe happiness is something we always pursue but never attain.
from the movie the pursuit of happyness

remember those times when you were just so desperate to pass your exams because you know you are not all that smart.

remember those times when you were just so desperate to get an interview because you need a job but you know there are thousand over applicants out there competiting for that one position.

remember those times when you were just so desperate to get hold of your next pay cheque because you need to clear the bills that are pilling up.

you felt that luck was never on your side. to make the matter worst, bad things came from every corner. you cringe your teeth wondering if things can get any worst. at the verge of tears, why it has to be you again. benny ho puts it well, "as much as if God is for you who can be against you is true, it is also true if God is against you who can be for you." with those hardship and anticipation, you can't help but have tears swell out when one day you suddenly finds out that you actually passed. or to realise you got chosen for the job. or that the cheque is finally ready.

what can i say except that i love this movie a lot. i am not sure if you believe me when i tell you this. i had actually thought through this once, what if the man i love doesn't look like he will make it in life? i decided then i will still be with him because i believe from the bottom of my heart that everyone will have his chance, i just need to believe with him. therefore if you had ever ask me this question "what are the critireas of the man i am looking for?", doing well financially was never one of them. so long as he is fighting.

most of us had gone through desperate moments like this. which to me are precious moments of life. not many of us remember how it feels like because most of us live with stable income rolling in every month. you probably won't remember why was it important to pass your exams or get that interview for that matter. my freelance job requires me to go through that again and again. being desperate when the bank is empty and living by every penny left in my pocket. later to receive a call that the cheque is ready. that is grace. precious.

a really good movie to catch. it reminds us the good days we are living in right now was not without a cost.


retiredpainter said...

"What if the man I love doesn't look like he will make it in life?"

I've thought of this question before too! haha.

Agree with you. So long as he is striving and not wallowing in self pity, I believe we can work it through together to contribute to the successes in each other's lives. I've always thought that is how it should be. Not so much of juz standing by each other but more of, to be able to build each other up in most aspects thru' the different phases of our lives :D

chaiyen said...

haha, girls think too much.

Sam said...