Friday, June 29, 2007

all good things come in 3

3 good buys. brighten up your days during busy season like this:
1. due to the ever 'got problem solution', i ran out of solution brands to buy. if you are going through the same problem as i am, hereby i recommend you one. bought this and thought it is one of the best solution by far. but i can't promise you how long it will be on the market. it seems to me every brand that do well in the market get banned after a while, maybe there are some sales politic there. maybe, just maybe someone is trying to monopolise the market but couldn't so they keep creating problems for all these big shots.

even when you wake up with tired eyes, it doesn't hurt. seriously good.

2. i had a crave for this long long ago when i was in singapore. but i forgotten all about it since i came back. my little sister rediscover it for me when she brought this back last week.

sweet things keep you awake

3. this is really one of the best phone i ever have. it comes in handy in my car and in gym. looks good, nice interface and desperate to mention nice earpiece too.

who needs an ipod hehe.

since i'm on it. these are 3 types of ppl you get to see in the gym:
1. pretty girls with tank top. they are there not to exercise, they just walk around and parade themselves. so pls look.
2. miss zouk that was dancing in the podium at zouk teaching the girls do dirty dancing (opps i mean latin mix, but honestly i don't see anything latin-ish in it). but it looks quite fun, maybe i should go for one of those class too, it might come in handy in the future if i can still shake. of course in such a scene, you see guys staring from outside the glass. some pretending to be on the phone, some trying to forget the tiring routine of cycling -- legs still cycling but eyes on her -- and of course some don't even bother to pretend they just sit there. yah just waiting for those moments she shakes her booty and bent down with her short skirt. oh, tight hot but.
3. this is the best part, you see some hunks once in a blue moon. i walked in and i remembered i saw him last week. i couldn't control myself so i forgotten to look away when he stared back. after i passed by, i remembered i forgotten to smile. so i told myself to do so if i have another chance. start off with my stretching and i saw him over my back doing his stretching before he goes off. couldn't do my smile thing since his back is facing me, so i went on my way to hit the machines. long after that, he passed by and he throwed me his smile. so i gently return his sweet gesture. muahahah so fun, feels like high school crush again.

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