Friday, June 01, 2007

my mind went around the world

surprisingly nothing much happen. i mean i barely do anything the last 24 hour except:

be the part time mummy
1. boil water, refill the water
2. do the laundry before my bro run out of his undies
3. clean up the hair that is slowly covering the surface of my floor

taking break from my responsibilities
1. visit leng. just for laugh, i told her "leng i stay up and work at home, i sleep with you when i come visit you ok?"
2. make super cold drinks to wake myself up
3. 5 minutes journaling (precious)

1. took cup noodle for lunch and dinner
2 shower once, we shall not start counting toilet break
3. get my starbucks from the hospital

the fact that i mulled over the idea of sneaking out to watch shrek was quite sexy. then i thought nah, i better go get some sleep if i have the time. still i slept only at 6am, i wonder what time i need to sleep if i do go for the movie.

anyway i'm really glad i'm working from home, if not i might not have the time and strength to do all this. had been taking all my clients job bags from the ftp sites, and emailing them for corrections. i just realise that i can be at about anywhere in the world and still perform the same job, all i need is stable internet connection. with technology like this, i dont see why ppl need to be in the office anymore. also at this very point i'm doing jobs for FHM mediacorp, BluINC, Hot Potato Publishing- HELLO magazine and yes i'm very proud of myself because when you mention publishing we know these 3 are not nobody. i think i will never be able to boast about better portfolio that these. and to add to the spice, i'm hired (yes paid) to plan a wedding. you cannot believe someone actually trust me with the most important day of her life. yup, i stumbled into such an opportunity. when passion and job kiss each other :) sweet

so no complain for the sleepless night. i just smile at the thought that maybe this time next year, doing these same job i can be sitting about anywhere... las vegas with my cousins, sun bathing on our east coast beach with monica, bangkok with steph. ok enough day dreaming. gotta go back to work.


Sam said...

Didnt read this one till just yet.

Need a hand with the wedding? Hahaha!

Have fun.


chaiyen said...

yahh but you wont be back yet right :(