Monday, June 04, 2007

the cure at troy

change removes what we hate about ourselves today and bring about what we want to see in ourselves tomorrow

i remembered there were a point in my life that i felt so out of place because i'm not exactly well read. i know nuts about celebrities or music, the who is with who. i always felt the need to know so that i can blend in a proper conversation with others. unfortunately i really dont know where to start, but God sees my humble heart and he made a way.

stumbling into FHM and HELLO make me now one of the most kepoh and well informed person in malaysia. or at least 2 weeks ahead. i normally read through the stories to understand how to arrange it while others just caught my attention because i was bored working. so now i know what drop dead gorgeous models look for in a guys to how many time this celebrities married, about when king and i will hit the theatre to movies that are not even on screen yet and for music what is recommended to download from their albums. fact that i can start hearing michael bublé before it started playing on hitz FM is a good sign. fact that i know most of the movies before it goes on the screen and finally i am putting names to these faces. it is all too good.

studying greeks philosophy to anthropology -- love, from gossips to politics (living history: hillary rodham clinton memoirs), from spirituality (IDMC and EDGE conference) to humanity (reading blogs).

well i guess that is why it is always said working is a learning curve. i'm enjoying every bit of it. now i just need to find a newspaper to work with so that i can start reading news and be an all rounders. well at least i know about lucky & flo. since most guys like intelligent girls maybe then i will be a babe to die for muahahahah.

inspired by clinton i just want to use this phrase, this is the time when hope and history rhyme.

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