Wednesday, June 06, 2007

what is her name?

am working hard these few nights, to entertain myself i read up some of the pages and i just couldn't understand this bit. how can his wife continue to love this man despite him having affairs twice. if it is a one night stand, we can consider that a mistake but these are obvious right at your face intentional. what do these women hold on to? their family? their children? or such great faith that true love will return. this had lead to a string of thoughts.

she said love is not a series of emotions, it is a kind of drive. a drive greater than sex drive. love had leaves it prints throughout generations in songs, poetry, paintings, legends. ppl actually conquer the highest mountains, do the craziest thing, overcome the greatest fear and die for love.

how does this phenomena begin?
how do we end up loving one and not the many out there?
at which point does it start? or how do we end it?
what happen in between do we have any part in it?

how does this unknown feeling take so much of our time?
how does this unknown fella come and take over our life?
how does this unknown source find its energy?
how does this unknown expression give us a reason to live?

someone that can disappoint us and appoint us at the same time
someone that can make us cry and the only one that can make us happy
what is this thing about? that burn us when we give too much
that hurts another when we do not give enough

how is it possible that in this selfish world that there is actually someone that we can care more than ourselves?
could this be the way out from our I-WORLD
could it be this is the reason why we ever live?
could it be?

is there a name to this light?


love is her name.

still am very intrigue by this mystery.

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