Sunday, July 01, 2007

your name goes before you

scene one
mummy: your friends came with paige just now.
cy: is it, who?
mummy: i dunno, they took some photos with your camera. go take a look.
cy: who is this, she said she knows me?
mummy: "ya, paige goes 'oh this is chaiyen's mum'
cy: "is it?"

shortly later
cy: who is that paige?
paige: you dunno her? auntie susan. she said she knows you.
cy: erm nope.
paige: from accf.
cy: oh, i've heard of her but i've not seen her before.

scene two
"Interesting... i thought "Wild At Heart" was a guys book! How did it get to your favourite book list? :P Was going through a my friend's friends and your's kinda got my attention. Saw a couple things that we're similar in so I thought I'd give you a shoutout.."

well, i read that book because some guys want me to know about their story. if not how do i come out with all these love philosophies. anyway, i didn't know you can know ppl that way. now i know the purpose of profiles. to drop pick up line like this. hahaha. "hey there, that's my favourite movie too" and "i love that songs" muahahha so evil.

scene three
remember the second point for this entry. and yes blogging has it's way to expand your circle of friends. i know a girl from japan, ya? and i don't even know who are those anonymous readers that has yet to drop a word.

Did you ever look at a picture of yourself and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many people have pictures of you, how many moments of other people's lives we've been in. Were we part of someone's life when their dream came true, or were we there when their dreams died? Did we keep trying to get in, as if we were somehow destined to be there? Or did the shot take us by surprise? Just think, you could be a big part of someone else's life, and not even know it. lucas in oth

have you ever wonder, how many ppl know your name. i still remember when i change my high school from seafield to smsu. the day i step into the school. the classmate sitting next to me told me "hi you are from seafield right? i heard that you are coming. thought that you are another bitch, but you are quite a nice girl. :)"

especially in this tehnology savvy generation. ppl linked to you from their friends' blogs, see your photos on their friends' multiply or friendster and share their lives with you over msn though they have never seen you face to face. i had not even mentioned those friends' friend that you got to know in clubs, colleagues from your clients' office that opens the door for you everytime you come, or ppl that saw you in the magazine. i always wonder what do they have to say about me?

you know what i saw a few ppl that always appears on magazine. though i don't really know them as a person, i pretty much have my conception of them formed. then i realised after you know them, they are so much better than i thought or heard about. so yah, give everyone a chance. give them the benefit of doubt that they are not such a bitch or jerk for that matter. hopefully by doing so, ppl will give me some grace too. hehe, and yah give me a break, i don't smoke and i don't sleep around. ppl always have the impression i do so ever since high school. but i have no problem hanging around with those who do. not that i agree with it, but that are choices they make for their own lives. and i don't believe that when you hangout with this ppl they can influence you, if so your conviction are pretty shallow. isn't it? that doesn't one bit make me better than them, we all still struggles the same sets of issues - insecurity, financial, purpose. and for that bit, i enjoy getting to know another person.

on the contrast, sometimes you ask yourself how much you know the person you thought you know. for example the person that you wake up with every morning, the person that was your best friends, your good colleague you eat lunch with everyday. to actually know that you give them too much benefit of doubts. that hurts.

just for girls and guys that doesn't mind blood issues.
i had not had my menstrual for four months. the longest time i can recall. at first i thought it could be these reasons:
1. had been traveling to shanghai and up down to singapore, so different countries and climate
2. or maybe shortage of sleep
3. had i been too emotionally stress?
4. or is it another health problem? does that mean i will have to empty my pocket to see another doctor. i'm not even done with my neck theraphy.
5. or am i pregnant, did i get too drunk one night i forgotten i was drunk?

cut the long story short, i wanted to blog this last night before i sleep but i was too tired and my neck gave in. so i just went to bed with a few very important prayers and this is one of them. i woke up in the morning, i bleed hehehe. i don't need to see a doctor. at least for the time being. i'm pretty excited. i mean the rest of the prayers must had been heard too :)

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