Tuesday, July 17, 2007

kid of the day

yu meng (on the left) just came back from dubai for his school break, so i took some time to bring him out. i went over to his place. again i was excited to meet his little brother, yu weng who is 3 now. time flies, i remember seeing him on his first day when he opens his eyes to this brand new world. he said he wants to follow us for lunch. kids nowadays are really something. let me give you some of his classic remarks.

1. you have pimples on your face (thanks for reminding me of the results of my 2 weeks of late nights)

1. i have a gf, her name is michelle
2. my gf is italian, she calls water, aqua.
3. i have kiss michelle a few times. i learned that from spiderman. he lays her down on the web

1. *accidentally step on my feet* wow, your feet is so soft (i thought you only hear this from bf)
2. you have very nice hair. can i touch your hair? wah you really have very soft hair
3. can you hold my hand (i still dunno why he didn't ask for his bro hand, but he is cute so it's ok)
4. him: i'm going to pinch your bf.
cy: i dun have a bf
him: i'm going to pinch your bf
cy: i dun have a bf. even if i do, my bf is not here. how do you pinch him?
him: where is your bf? i want to pinch him.
cy: erm... ok i don't have a bf
him: i know you have
5. cy: you want to give jie jie a goodbye kiss
him: *muuuuuuuaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk* (with loads of saliva on my cheek)
cy: ok point proven, you do know how to kiss

show jie jie scary face?

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