Monday, July 02, 2007

10 reasons to be single

i had done it before and now i'm enjoying it again. so if you need to have a reason to remain single. here are 10.

10 reasons to be single
1. you can travel without missing anyone, save all the long distance calls and sms-es as well.
2. you don't need to give an answer for your boyfriend that doesn't like to attend weddings with you because you don't have one.
3. you don't need to wait for him to finish your one tree hill series.
4. you don't need to do OT and cracked your head for ideas and burn your pocket on birthdays, v day and anniversaries.
5. you don't need to prepare instant noodle for him when he is hungry because even you yourself are too lazy to cook for yourself.
6. you don't need to worry how-about-him when your friends call you for a movie.
7. you don't need to dress up to impress him and standout from the millions babe out there.
8. you don't need to feel sorry for being busy with work.
9. you don't need to be challenged emotionally everyday.
10. you can go out with all the guys in the world you can get a hold on.

i don't really need a relationship to survive. it goes to show im not that selfish if i ever choose to be attach? haha i choose to love. when i get attach i feel like doing everything with this person. sometimes probably that is not even his ideal. at least that is what i thought relationship was about, which everyone has a different stand on this. somehow the whole focus of your life changes when you are in love like the phrase in summer scent, "love is an earthquake that relocates the center of our universe" . well i think at least one of them need to make some sacrifices, if not both to work.

whitney: haley you talked about nathan's dreams and college. how about your dreams and your life?
haley: i'm ok, so long as our family can be together. that is my dream. wouldn't you do the same for camela?
whitney: yes, i would. but fortunately i don't need to. she loves me enough to be the one that sacrifice her dreams to make way for mine. just like you :)
excerpts from oth

so for now, just enjoy being single if you are. dream your own dreams, let your heart takes a break and spent the money all for yourself until you fall for the next dude that comes along. like i phrase it for her. "love always catches you offguard, you never know when you will fall in love. sooner then you realise."


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