Sunday, July 15, 2007

charlotte joy

the chinese saying goes, if i have a good life, i ought to have a children by now. same age with me, annie a mother of 1 1/2 years old charlotte joy.

she is quite a child
1. she is japanese looking, cute and sweet.
2. she is born in the living room of her own house
3. she knows how to put my music phone near her ear and she will dance to the music. that was enough to entertain her for our whole lunch. most importantly she has a very good gripped of my phone.
4. she doesn't cry when we leave her with the childcare in church.
5. she finished the whole bowl of porridge for dinner all by herself. no kidding, while my nephew and niece shares a bowl of porridge and won't even finish a bowl of that size
6. my driving must be sucks because she cried the whole journey from SS2 to tanjung USJ. she screeched hysterically. no joke, she didn't pause even for a moment.
7. but to make me feel better, she allowed me to carry her at the end of the night (which is rare because she only sticks to her mummy when she is sleepy), and if that is not enough, she slept in my arm. i love seeing i successfully put a baby to sleep.


just one day encounter and i'm missing her. nice meeting old friends, they make your day by reminding you you're still looking good. at least i still have a few more years to go. and after no. 6 i concluded i will just stick to playing with other ppl babies, i think it is more fun :)

typical question gets typical answer
ben: chaiyen, quick... (pointing to charlotte)
cy: yup, 3 steps. first you need to wait for me to get a bf, then get married and finally make babies. don't worry, i'm catching up.



maternal instint surfacing..

chaiyen said...

not at all... i told you, im only playing with other ppl kids. *kick kick*

deJelly said...

it is surfacing!!
don't deny it!
= P

I'm seeing that round-cuteness tonight!! so excited... hehehe

i think my maternal instinct also surfacing.. muahahahaha