Sunday, July 22, 2007

raw and wild

ok you won't really believe what i did today. we girls who went all the way to ayutthaya once just for a shoot are back in action. but this time we don't need to fly there, we just need to make it through the jam.

i am never the cross-my-leg and sit-nice-nice-girl. i like the raw and wild feel. i always wanted to take photos in an abandon house. it was a fun saturday afternoon.

this is my favourite. these are the rest. i'm glad anna has vain friends like us. yup i just brought vanity to another level.

with my blogs attached all over it, i believe anna is determined to hook me up. or was it free beer, she is looking forward for?


Anna-Rina said...

free beer. period.


Sam said...

Very nice.


chaiyen said...

great you have free beer, i have a bf. sound like a deal.

Anonymous said...

I like the photos, I glanced thru the album, ur fren takes really beautiful pictures :)