Friday, July 06, 2007

is a small world after all

the kind of things i say when i am sleeping and dead tired:
1. sis: wake up, you call me to wake you up after half an hour
cy: yahh but now i beg and plead you not to fulfill that
2. sis: can you fetch me to school. pls... no one is at home
cy: *cry* you are crazy and cruel, don't let me sleep. got no compassion at all
3. (today) mum: there are constructor in the house doing some stuff. we are going out for lunch. can you make sure they don't go upstairs
cy: no, i'm sleeping. if they want to rob the house i will just let them but i will continue my sleep.

mind you i'm saying all these with my eyes close. sometimes i don't even remember what i said. i was invited to passion yesterday for a free flow of calsberg. we have a budget of 1k to hit. apparently we cleared all the bottles from the bar before we even hit our target so we will continue next week after they stock up. i don't even know the person paying for the beers but i've come to know the world is a small world after all.

let me paint you the picture. i was there with dinesh my smsu high school friend that i got in touch again from friendster, he saw my photos on anna's flickr, one of my close girlfriend from seafield high school and my photos on cavin's blog whom i got to know through joan, my college friends. they work in the same office building. to close this loop. dinesh and cavin ot to know each other from photos site or blog, i can't remember. this is like just one of the many incidents, i wouldn't even want to try plotting the rest out. you can imagine the flashback from the lost series.

anyway i end the night talking about my pet subject with dinesh and his good friend jeremie, a year my senior from smsu high school -- close friends of hon kit and chan hui whom i used to walked to school with everyday. they gave me a new name call miss hope. they said in reality relationship is not about that.

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