Thursday, July 19, 2007

when work and passion kiss

"Nobody has all the answers, but we do have all our whys, like why did this happen? Why didn't we see it coming? Why do people watch American Idol?" rachel to lucas

has anyone tell you, when you are busy you are a happier person? honestly you think a lot lesser and that makes you happy. you knock off before you can start to think. you have no time to complain your bf has no time for you, you have no time to think if he still loves you, or for that matter if you still love him and that might be just how he likes it to be. so yah, maybe i should continue to work after i get married.

after two weeks of sleepless night closing both my magazines, i'm now recuperating. from a designer i quickly switched my mode to a wedding planner. it is nice to know that you don't really need to study to do what you like to do, opportunity is what you need. for that, i consider myself blessed.

"some ppl just dream dreams, some ppl fulfill their dreams"

stage one
two months ago, i went around hunting for a ballroom - sheraton imperial, renaissance, mandarin oriental, holiday villa, one world, kl hilton, cyberview lodge, cyberjaya shang, subang sheraton getting quotation, checking those ballrooms, making bookings, bargaining the deals, putting them in a comparison chart for my client and finally i closed the deal with sunway resort. no joke hotel table nowadays range from rm800++ to rm1800++. i mean honestly how many of us will give an angpow worth rm180, so you can calculate how much you have to dig from your own pocket.

stage two
last week, i went around checking wedding gowns in SS2, bangsar, KL. visiting their outlets, checking the packages and the best part is running through their gowns. finally i had to compile all that to another chart. visiting sites for photographers and videographers. comparing their photos quality and making calls to check their prices. doing this bit of elimination process can be quite tedious but it is quite fun as well to see what is available in our market overall. i'm no expert but i think i had learned quite a bit these few weeks. rental of 3 gowns range from rm1688++ to rm4500++. photographers and videographers range from rm1200++ to rm3000++ each.

conclusion, a wedding overall budget excluding the lost you will make over the dinner would be about rm20,000 to rm40,000. now start saving guys. good luck. oh of course if your dad has a lot of datuk friends, doesn't matter you don't know them just invite them. they will cover a table or two.

as for me, i think one white gown is a must. i can wear that the whole day and night. for dinner, instead of 50 tables i would rather have 50 close friends. most importantly a good looking husband would be ideal. cause what's the point of throwing a big party when everyone attending it are whispering how hideous the groom looks like.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ur work sounds so fun :) hehehe... I'll whip this post out at ur wedding next time.. that'll be fun.. hehheeh...

chaiyen said...

yahh hahhah i better have a good looking husband to be muahahhaahh. well some ppl dream dreams, some ppl make dreams happen

deJelly said...

the groom hideous then make the bride look better mar..


chaiyen said...

since im looking him for the rest of my life more than i look at the mirror. i rather the other way, i rather be the ugly one.