Thursday, July 05, 2007

the philosophy of love by chaiyen wong

the beginning of love
- how deep is your love?
- where does love come from?

signs you are in love
- the chemistry
- the obvious list
- the not so obvious list
- the pre-relationship syndrome
- the kind of questions you start asking
- the fear you need to overcome
- the crush. candidates are not signs and why bad boys get the girls
- the old feelings might not be love

love includes choices
- one you love or one that loves you
- to love or not to love
- suitability or compatibility
- suitability or compatibility part 2
- ex bf or new bf
- are we capable of loving two person?
- how about 4?

love kit
1. make sure both of you have the same understanding of the word romantic
- word study of romantic
- if you can't write them, find someone that can
2 don't lose yourself in the course of of love
3. commitment vs love
love keeps you going, it does what commitment cannot do. what he thinks about love, what she thinks about love?

love languages
find out your love language
1. quality time
2. acts of service
3. words and the power of words
4. receiving gifts. eg: this or this
5. physical touch
you can call this romantic or you can call it all 5 in 1

love boo boo
1. don't have too many exs till you get them mixed up
2. don't start talking about
3. don't mess up with the player and how to identify them

the love test
1. another person
2. another chance. sorry is not about who is wrong
3. back to the purest form of love

the not so lovely part
1. what are they looking for or not?
HE: they are not looking for another mum
SHE: they are looking for a hero
2. what are their problems or not?
HE: they don't know what they want
SHE: insecurity and more and more
3. communication or not?
HE: why guys does not like to explain things. but maybe their silence is what keeps man and woman together. this might be a window to their thoughts.
SHE: why does she always bring the issues up?. try to help them understand you and know their heart cry

when love falls apart
- this is when you change the status on friendster: it's complicated before you progress
- remember he is right and she is right
- what are your options?
- what to expect from ex bf?. cruelity and why don't they want to be friends.
- do not leave with things unsaid. talk to the person if possible, make sure this break up doesn't leave you scars you don't need

when love hurts
1. don't pretend to be happy, cry if you need to
2. don't dwell on the good memories. let memories remain as memories
3. don't stay in the moment, remember the whole world moves with or without you
4. don't wait
5. don't ask too many whys
6. don't think too much. kill time
7. don't be alone. go out with some friends
8. don't go holiday alone because that might make it worse. have a good laugh with ppl
9. don't spoil the friendshipok what if you are rejected even before you start?
10. don't try too hard if he doesn't want to be friends, you had done your part

love that last
theory of the one
1. you hate the fact that you never hate
2. you are able to love his not so lovely side
3. you are willing to lay it all down for him

grace to love

i did wrote a lot about love. but still incomplete.

Once you get what you want, you've got something to lose... oth



so when are you compiling ur book? :)

chaiyen said...

doesn't this look like a book already haha. i need a good forward. are yu going to write for me haha.. nah. you are not such a fan anyway. i will get shups to write for me hahahahaha


wah so sad, so much for being the no.1 fan on your site. ok la i write the epilogue then..haha..

deJelly said...

u should change the blog title to something like...
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Mmm.. remember my blogBook idea??
would work perfectly in this situation...

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felixvoon said...

you should write a book... :)