Sunday, November 25, 2007

i confess im finally feeling stress

1. one of my client which i believe doesnt exactly know what she wants just made me redo all her 14 pages. on top of that i have new pages for her.
2. my other client do not have images attach to all his text. the worst bit is he claimed he finished giving me all his text. i guessed he passed the buck to me.
3. one of the pages just disappeared and i have to redo the 3 pages, i suspect i accidentally trash it. and you hate yourself for making stupif mistake like this. then in everyway you wish that you have this.
4. my external harddisk fell and it stopped functioning immediately. i have stuff inside which i need to finish tonight. but at least i tranferred the bulk of it to my laptop yesterday.
5. im not going to have sleep tonight i suppose. i mean, if i can finish all my work even without sleep that would be a consolation.

it is a terrible way to start off the week. and i feel like standing on top of the mountain to screammm... but a lesson i learn yesterday when i went to purelife home with some of my church friends. i just need to walk one step at time, like this kids who doesnt even know which college is open to them.

i went with fullness of self, to see them made me realised how empty i am. they were a whole bunch of kids with emptiness but to have some ppl visit them brought them fullness of joy.

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