Thursday, November 29, 2007

need to get back a life

i shouldnt complain really, at least i slept from 1-5am right? with loads of deadline all clashed together is not bad. on top of that to commit to cell, lunches, friends art gallery, weddings, bridal shower, pick-up-the-bride ceremony, going in to all 3-4 offices to please all my clients is quite a thing. i promise you i wasnt even watching grey's. so glad this is my last astro issue. i like the design part of it because i do have a bit of freedom to design there, i also like the part of spending time with my friend again but i think i should just stick with HELLO! and FHM. stop taking BluInc jobs cause all their good well planned senior designers are gone. stop trashing new grounds with planning weddings and law firm rebranding. enough. i shall focus on sleeping, keeping myself young, go pak toh-ing... if not really i will be left up the shelf, though it sounds like a trend not to be in a relationship now. it seems like all my friend has given up hope on it.

bottom line, i just need to get back to the time i enjoy my work. now i dont have the time to do so. holiday... can't wait.

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