Saturday, November 10, 2007

how great is your love?

how many times we are in malls, bars, subway and gym when all eyes are drawn to some cute hunks but do nothing about it and watch him walk away.

as crazy as this may sound like. it happened. i guess for such a dramatic introduction he deserves a date. definitely. on top of that he looks pretty cute. no wonder someone emailed him "I'm not the girl but you're so adorable, pick me instead", he told New York Post.

does this really work. let me try to recall my crushes over the last few weeks. there was a few in my gym. so what can i do, draw a picture of him, colour it with the exact skin tone and stick it at the spot where he smiled at me. forget it, i can't draw.

how much do you want what you want? or what will you do to pursue love?

a lot of things are not fated to be but if you believe it enough what you do out of it creates destiny.


Anonymous said... my fav quote "When u walk in purpose; you collide with destiny". Everythin starts with a thought, a desire, and when we go thru each day purposeefully to fulfill that desire, the results will eventually come. =)


chaiyen said...

and yes i can see your results clearly display :)