Tuesday, November 06, 2007

coffee: way to go

you know you drink too much coffee when:
1. you know the girl is from carrefour starbucks doing relieve shift for the ss15 branch
2. you can negotiate for 3 mins parking with the pyramid security when they usually dont even allow car to wait there.
3. the carrefour girl know your regular order.
4. and you know how to bluff your way thru the one way road at ss15 instead of making a big round. that of course comes with the magic of small car like mine.
5. you know how to make full use of your time while waiting for your drink for eg withdraw money from the atm machine right at the back of buckie at jaya shopping centre.
6. you payexact amount rm12.08 for your iced venti latte before they tell you the price.
7. you actually remember venti is large and tall is not.
8. you pack home latte with the cup half full because you want to put the ice in only when you drink it at night.
9. you know it is more worth it to buy grande instead venti because they have the same amount of double expresso shot.
10. you know that the line on the cup is for the portion of milk and not just design. now this is what we can functional design.

if i only need 10 stickers for the free organiser, i will surely have darn a lot of it. who want one? it looks pretty nice. i already got my 2008 organiser so you can have them if you give me your name.


Sam said...

Haha, what organizer?

I want! :)

Anonymous said...

I also want! :D

chaiyen said...

organiser/planner le.

you dont know what it is and you want it. wahahh. let's see how many i can get while the offer last

ok it looks like the respond come in quite fast. let me quickly put in a disclaimer. not expecting a respond from singapore and australia hahaha.
*offer limit to first come first serve basis. while sotck last.

Sam said...


Haha, you should thank your Singaporean and Australian fans :)

Anonymous said...

i can collect for AUNTY shups when i come lar, hahaha

chaiyen said...

you can't elaine. i just started collecting it. and i just realised i need 18 stickers. now this might take a while. half a month.