Sunday, November 04, 2007


if only is when you are trap in the past.
what if is when you are trap by the future.

i guess all if kills.


Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

this morning i joined the FHM team for our december GND (girls next door) photoshoot. all 12 girls, of course only some were stunning. sometimes i think guys envied me. but maybe it is not that great. cause see what the writer told me

cy: so how is life treating you meeting pretty girls all the time.
w: not as great as i thought it would be.
cy: too many pretty girls make your expectations unreachable. or after talking to them you wished you had stick with just looking at them.
w: yahhh hahaha... should had stick to just looking at them.

super tired... and i dont care, once i got the money im going to thank that guy for bringing me into this shit. quick think about where to go dude? shang's buffet, starhill or jap? sorry, i just need something to look forward to.

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