Monday, November 19, 2007


seriously this is really well done.

"remember me not as a hero or a king. remember me as a man with error, flawed" beowulf

gosh im a sucker to lines like this. not that i like regretful cry baby. i love fighter that recognises his weakness. the fighter brings out his manliness, his weakness makes his real. that is besides the point, im a sucker for good body too. *faint*

seriously, i remembered what i was looking for in a man. seriously? seriously.


Anonymous said...

i got bad news for u....the real actor is flabby, he is digitally enhanced in the movie...heh...seriously

Alvin (SG)

chaiyen said...

im not in love with him as in this guy. im in love with character like this bro. come on do i look so shallow... though a good body is definitely a good catch.

deJelly said...

now... the debate is...
is a pair of boobs still a pair of boobs if there's no nipples on them?


Sam said...

Come on do I look so shallow.

Hmmmm :)

chaiyen said...

i told u there are nipples. just look properly.

what ru trying to say sam?