Thursday, November 15, 2007

more awake than most ppl

incident no1: starbucks
cy: iced venti latte to go.
cashier: sure iced venti latte. what size would you want your drink to be?
cy: *giggle*
cashier: sorry, iced venti latte right. sorry... sorry.

incident no2: over lunch
justin: where did you come from?
cy: went to hello office in damansara, then to amcorp mall to get something for my wedding client, here and later to bluinc to collect some stuff. argghhh it is another rainy day, super sleepy.
justin: yahh rainy day... where did you come from?
cy: *giggle* do you have alzheimer? hahaha...

incident no3: gym
cy: i lost my card, i want to renew it.
staff: sure, you need to pay rm15 for it. can have your membership card pls.
cy: *giggle* i lost my card.
staff: oh yahh, sorry i get you the form.

am i tired or them? im very much awake even without sleep ok.

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