Thursday, November 08, 2007


since the day i saw this on alan's blog. i had been telling ppl how cool that mtv is. little did i know it is a movie. so when steph told me that she has the dvd 'Secret' and i must watch it since im such a sucker in korean movies. it had been more agonising than ever since then, knowing that i have the dvd and not able to watch it. yes, let's not talk about me being half way thru grey's.

something about man playing piano... drool. i told you about eric at no black tie. one hand on the piano another his glass of liquor. coooooll. way to cool.
on another note, i was in velvet and some guys were fighting. in my ignorance i walked pass and got pushed to the wall leaving a 8cm cane look alike scratch on my back. i didn't know it was that bad till i lean on my chair today and it hurts. gosh... didn't mummy say it is dangerous to go clubbing? litterally.

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