Friday, July 07, 2006

why do you keep me at a distance?

i know they are a lot more ppl that read this blog than those few that always leave their comments. why is that so you are not leaving a word? why do you just want to watch me from afar? is it because you run out of things to read? or is it because you want nothing to do with my life anymore?

so what when you know that i cried last night?
so what when you know that i'm down with fever?
so what when you know that i had got a big client?

so what when you know that i got hurt by ppl?
so what when you know that i'm lost?
so what when you know that something is bothering me?

i want ppl to cry with me and sayang me.
i want ppl to laugh with me and laugh again.
i want ppl to praise me and celebrate with me.

i want ppl to disagree and reason with me.
i want ppl to think with me and enlighten me.
i want ppl to miss me and leave me notes.

i want you to know your presence are special to me, and i long to commune with you. pls don't leave me talking to myself.

*i wrote this with tears. i don't know why. maybe i am the only few ppl in this world that wants ppl to talk to me and not just hear me. once again, forgive me for talking so much... i am beginning to learn that ppl are not like me.


Edmund said... sad ar...aih...I'm trying my best here though! ;) keep your heads up, you have more ppl who loves you more than you think you have! aih notorious hidden codes... maybe it wasn't meant to be for you to know....suspense! sorry just trying to cheer you up!

Anonymous said...

:) *Hugs*

chaiyen said...

thank you... my two faithful readers :)

~jo~ said...

hi chaiyen,
joanne here. from last Sunday's COW. i'm sorry. i found ur blog thru yin huan's . just wanna say ur so honest, transparent, real with ur heart. sometimes, i wish i would break all my own walls to just be so honest.

thank you.
you shine even thru ur brokenness
joanne (