Friday, July 28, 2006

i need my sleep

i am so tired. i slept from 8am till 11am and i have another night to go. will i make it tonight.

wanted to sent yuchun and sophia off but i have a presentation at 3pm tomorrow. meaning i have to print a whole magazine mockup tomorrow morning. also if i were to drive there to klia with this amount of sleep i will probably have my second major car accident on my way there. i would love to go just to tell them how much they mean to me :), but for now they just have to understand that because my whole body is already working against me.

a lot had happened the last few days, after tomorrow i will have a little time to sit down and reflect. btw i heard of this before, that someone had a sudden death. he didn't wake up from his sleep because like me he was working very hard, lack of sleep for a season of time. one day he just didn't wake up. if this happen, remember i love all of you a lot.


Anonymous said...

Love you too! ;o)

Haha, dont die yet lerh.


Anonymous said...

Ya, we love u too....sigh...miss undriven workacholic....pls rest after tis stint ya.

TheDugong said...

can you please lay off the road and drink more coffee if you're sleeping? I need you to stay alive to watch me get married. Oh, Sam and Jelly too. :P

TheDugong said...

sleeping, i mean is Sleepy. Sorry. Salah Spelling.

chaiyen said...

yes, i will be there for your wedding. in spirit or in body :)