Monday, July 03, 2006

3 things that still amaze me

1. how did i end up in a presidential suite. i paid S$80 for 4 days, 3 nights.

hotel manager: i am sorry, we run out of rooms. but because you had booked, is it ok we give you the presidential suite. you do not have to pay more.
cy: erm, okie we take a look at the room first then we will consider. (actually i am trying to control my excitement)

our big living room, this is the place we watched japan-brazil, played cranium and grabble

personal tv in every room, even with a bath tub but i didn't have the time to enjoy it

and how about this, man! i want to get this thing. from my bed i can switch off the lights from every corner of the room, even the tv

2. the sports car wannabe on the street

they are not sports car even though they qualify to be. the way they drive i think they rarely use their brake. i personally prefer to stop the pink cab :)

3. the school girls

i just can't get my eyes off these school girls, they wear heels and handbags to school, that is so cool

i took many photos but only found myself in a few, here you go:

i keep forgetting to take photo, so i took one from my room

must use this tanning lotion: Golden Tanning Blend, Banana Boat

suan lum, this place is pretty cool and the food here are really yummy

this ice thingin is really nice, oh yah i am eating things from the street again!

more photos


deJelly said...

yea!! the school uniform there super cool!! somemore many of the Thai gals are cun!! wakakaka.. = P

WA.!! suite ey.... grr.... syoknya... i want holiday !!

chaiyen said...

yahh very pretty... i was starring at one girl and she thought something was wrong with her shirts. she look down and up at me again. i am still looking. oppss... quickly look away.

Anonymous said...

Looking good there~! ;-D And I am mad jealous about the hotel....hahaha

TriStupe said...

the cabs are crazy...the one i took whizz through the highway at a slow 160kmh...he hit 180 at a stretch.