Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i love being a freelancer

i am back to enjoying my life as a freelancer:
1. wake up at 10am
2. go to the office at non peak (jam) hours
3. leave the office at 3pm to watch "superman returns"
4. go for 2 hours lunch
5. leave the office once i am done with stuff there

i am so happy, i just know that those around me are dead jealous.

if my clients call me at 9.30am or 5pm, they will ask "ru sleeping?" (cause i sound like one, i guess)
i will exclaim "no! of course not! no!..." (cause i will sound a bit unprofessional if i am right? haha)


Unknown said...

Hey sister,

This month has been the best time in my working years so far.
1. Wake up around 10.00am
2. Freshen up and spend my waking moments in prayer and worship
3. Brunch while watching one of my fav chefs, Oliver's Twist. Com'on who gets to watch tv at 11.30am when you're working
4. Check my mails for new job listings, do up my reports/plans
5. Spend my time reading up on these articles from my class (Adolf Hilter etc...)

I'm also done with enjoying myself. Got to apply for work soon.

The best blessing through this period is really the improved relationship with my mom. Surprisingly she has been most understanding about me quitting without a job.

Oh did I mention that I love to shop, drink my afternoon tea, read my books while everyone else is hard at work ;P

Anonymous said...

Soon, I will have that life too~! :D

Anonymous said...

hey... the dugong here... miss you man... been praying for you.. just spoke to jelly bebelly yesterday! hahaha... take care boss!


Didn't know Oliver Twist grew up to be a chef. Did he specialize in porridge? hmmm

haha.. you're right. im envious. Though im still a student, but have to go out to work force soon.

Fooman said...

Well, after doing it for 4 years, I gave up that life 6 months ago. So jealous...

Oh yeah, Hi Chai Yen! :)