Sunday, July 30, 2006


rain, 23 (i cannot believe he is younger than me)

kwon sang-woo, 30 (censored photos)

song seung hun, 30

even though i am a korean series freak, i choose my series. i only watched those that had pretty girls and good looking guys. many had been asking what kind of guys i like so they will help me scout around, these are 3 that top my list. thank you for help, coke on me!

what do they share in common:
1. they look good
2. they have very good body, i can't find the photos for all 3 of them but i found sang-woo just to show you an example. rain's body is superb too, caught that on screen in the series full house.
3. they have shoulder length hair
4. their smiles can make me faint
5. they have very sexy lips, those you can't resist :)

i will leave it to jelly to blog on the counterpart. i have to say those girls make me drool too but i shall not make myself feel insecure putting their photos side by side with mine.

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