Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In LA we walk behind steels and glass. we miss the touch so much we crash into people just to feel that touch.
opening of the movie CRASH

one once told me that we need a certain amount of touch each day for healthy living. i am so out of touch with people i suddenly become very sensitive when a person touches me. it happens twice last week, two very different guy and it was just a little push at the back - kind of directing me to go first. both times i had to calm myself not to overreact. i think it is because that hand rubs on my skin.

i guess eventhough that is not my first love language i need them.
I need Your love
Like the desert needs the rain
I need Your touch
Like the fire needs the flame

One moment without You near
Is heartache i cannot bear
A lifetime with You O Lord
Is heaven i long to know

Come cover me
Like the ocean meets the shore
Shine on my life
Like the morning
Steals the night

Heaven by Reuben Morgan/Hillsong

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