Monday, July 31, 2006


1. wake up from my bed to see a nicely prepared breakfast from you
2. a bottle full of heart shapes folded
3. coming up to me and ask "can i be your boyfriend?" when i hardly know you
4. my feet on yours dancing in the rhythm of love
5. bringing me out for fine dining
6. hugging me from behind
7. preparing a candlelight dinner
8. appearing outside my door after we argue
9. filling my room with balloons
10. after a difficult day, to see a bouquet of flower in my room
11. staring at me from your classroom for as long as you can, the kind of glare that says i can't stop looking at you
12. talking to me through the night about anything
13. to sent me an sms out of the blue just to tell me you love me
14. to write me a love letter
15. to write a song for me
16. watching romantic dvds with me
17. bringing me to a park/poolside
18. dropping by with starbucks when i had to work late
19. kissing me on the forehead
20. putting me to bed

all these are things that had been done for me not from the movies, so it is possible. WARNING: do not use all of it in the first year of your relationship, spread it out over the next few years. if not you will get a grumpy girlfriend that feels that you don't care anymore. 6 times a year will be sufficient - birthday, anniversary, valentines day and three more small surprises in between. you can always reuse after one year.

Men and women are positioned against one another in the battle for more fulfilling relationships; today they are being urged to consider that romantically they are setting themselves up for failure. By holding unrealistic expectations and believing fabrications told to them by pop culture, men and women are paralyzed in their pursuit for romance... Women are deceived by the unattainable dream of the romantic man (soon she comes to believe that every man is romantic except the man in her life…despite the fact that all her female friends are experiencing the same dilemma); men are overwhelmed because they bear sole responsibility for the romantic shape of their relationship and they are immobilized by this burden. Unfortunately both end up unsatisfied. Let me tell you a secret – most people aren’t romantic. There is no such thing as the ‘naturally romantic’ person – like most things, romance is learned, practiced and perfected. click for full article


Anonymous said...

Hahah... nice...

Anna-Rina said...

waaa so romantic. ma hai! my other half of nearly 4 years has never done anything like that for me, tiuuuuu. somemore i'm the one who get him flowers. tiuuuuuuuu.

now you know la, who wears the skirt and who wears the pants in this relationship. heehehhe...

chaiyen said...

hahah.... what you actually got him flowers. how sweet can you get :)