Monday, July 24, 2006

continue to believe with me

there are moments in life when there are people around you that believe in you more than you do. the way they described you doesn't seem to match who you think you are but those words are like proclaimation and it makes you become that that they said you are.

for now blessed are those who do not see (the same zealousness in me today) but still believe. i believe in you too no matter what situation you are in. i do, i really do. i guess i am saying i am who i am because you believe in me. so please continue to believe with me as i fight this battle. pray with me that this heart will prevail as i seek the same for you.

especially all of you that has walk this far with me. every sharing, sms, phone call, note, conversation, prayer and your life itself matters to me. i cannot count how many of these had brought tears and courage to me. just want you to know these had gone a long way. i definitely cannot put all of them up but here are some.


most impressive design: by jon chew

most touching words:
i really do appreciate those emails and care you show, 'cos it really is encouraging and heaven-sent. Your heart for people is a gift from God, and continue to be God's good and faithful servant! God bless you in the year 2000! from the director of glue-sticking: jon


most impressive design: by elaine ho

most touching words:
wassup, woman! You know ah, it is always a pleasure to have you down in KL... though i know i have a wild schedule, i always try and make it a point to meet up with you... not because of any ministry reason, but simply because that's the divine beauty of godly community... i know that whenever life may take us, no matter how far we chase our dreams and how many people we know, i look forward to the day when we are 65 (if we live that long), sitting at a living room with everyone else and hair falling off and teeth rotting.., laughing about life. loadsa luv, chris


most impressive design: by hwee chuin (my pageone collegue)

most touching words:
i really looked up to you, for sharing with the camp group about intimate details about you and your ex-boyfriends! it helped to see/hear that i'm not alone - when i'm struggling with physical intimacy with my bf as well. that was the main issue i had with God at that period of time. instead of looking at me at with a different view, you shared with me what you went through, and how you emerge victorious in Christ, in the end! thanks for being you. everytime i see you worship, i'll be touched by the sincerity and simplicity you have. you bring the presence of God down everytime you worship. f


most impressive design: by winnie poh

most touching words:
Finally the time has come for us to say goodbye. when elaine emailed us to prepare something for you to bring back, my mind really went through moments of how time flies. Guess it is never easy to part though i always know about your plans. i truly believe God has so much to do and bless in your life. Thanks for blessing my life in tangible and intangible ways. In my memory bank, when i think of you, dear sister... will always be your zeal in serving God... your "realness" yap, you are so real, in your sharing, your prayers, the way you present your life. Remember your "Phoebe's Gift project" when you share your hurts, your expectation and yet in those tears, you choose to be strong in the Lord. You know at that time, my heart hurts for you and yet i see so much of that "real" chaiyen wanting to please God. know what i'm saying? think i will miss having someone like you to remind me of being real for God. so much memories... i thank God for bringing you into my life to see His blessings for me. we may be physically apart but spiritually close because in Him we are one big family. shirley

You are greatly appreciated! You are indeed an asset to every ministry you serve in! This year's youth camp would never had been what it was if not for you. You potray a beautiful balance between truth and grace; persistence and flexibility; conviction and submission. SIB KL is blessed to have you back. Love, Kay


most impressive design: by chai qiao

most touching words:
you are really the woman! how can find another like you. even in this camp, God worked through you by putting inspiration of an activity based camp. even the details of the camp, the message of the camp, was inspired by God through you. thanks chaiyen for being that of what you are, that vessel God has filled and you have pour out to many. glad to be in this journey with you. in a journey, we will cross a few that will help us, will be an inspiration to us, be a nudge to get us going. hey you are one of them in my journey. jelly


most impressive design: by greg and machamps

most touching words:
a leader, a friend, a mentor, a person i feel is special. you are someone that has truly struck my heart greatly for your love and dedication for us and our generation. i thank you for your time in growing us. yumeng

there are too many to mention but trust me i still keep every single cards and gifts you gave me. let me prove to you. please locate your own item.

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